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Paleontologists have found in the USA prints of traces of the first pangolins of Earth - RIA Novosti, 11/9/2018

MOSCOW, 9 Nov – RIA Novosti. Scientists have found traces of the first reptiles living in the territory of future North America about 310 million years ago on slopes of Grand Canyon. Photos of a find have been presented at an annual meeting of Society of paleontology of vertebrate animals to Albuquerque. © Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales "Bernardino Rivadavia"/Gabriel Lio the Ancestor of dinosaurs was similar to a crocodile, scientists "have found out When I have for the first time seen these traces, I very much was surprised – there was an impression that they were left by couple of animals who went nearby with each other. Neither modern, nor ancient reptiles acted this way. Only when I have come home, I have understood that actually they were left by one pangolin who went sideways" — Stephen Rowland from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas (USA) tells. As paleontologists consider, the first dinosaurs have appeared at the end of the Triassic Period (about 240 million years ago), after disappearance of all large zveroyashcher dominating on our planet in the Permian Period. The crocodiles reaching in those days the huge sizes and living not only in reservoirs, but also on the land were the main competitors of dinosaurs for a crown of the most successful animals on Earth. Both crocodiles, and dinosaurs — close relatives as scientists believe, their ancestors were divided in the middle of the Triassic Period. How and when it has occurred, paleontologists don't know yet as fossils of this time are quite rare. © Photo: April Neander, University of Chicago Mammal haven't noticed" extinction of dinosaurs, declare uchenyedolgy time was considered that the first dinosaurs weren't similar to crocodiles, but recently paleontologists have found remains of the presumable ancestor of all dinosaurs similar to a crocodile. This find has revived and has aggravated disputes how the most ancient reptiles of Earth looked and as they moved. During excavation in the State of Colorado Rowland and his colleagues have found in Grand Canyon the most ancient and primitive prints of legs of these beings living on Earth even before extinction of zveroyashcher so far. Walking on one of footpaths on the southern slope of a canyon, scientists have noticed an unusual cobble-stone which rather has fallen recently to a path roadside. On his surface they have found a set of the deepenings left paws of still unknown ancient reptile. When paleontologists have measured age of a stone, have found out that this animal, most likely, was one of the very first representatives of the class. These traces have hardened about 310 million years ago — through only two million years after alleged emergence of reptiles. © Scientists have found Depositphotos/Fenkieandreas living age-mates of dinosaurs on modern to Zemlepochem this being went sideways? As the paleontologist assumes, the primogenitor of reptiles hardly constantly moved in this way. Most likely, he or climbed up a hill slope, or moved against strong wind. In the nearest future Rowland and his colleagues plan to transport a stone in laboratory where his detailed studying will help to find



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