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Paleontologists have found in Altai a hybrid of the Neanderthal man and "denisovets" - RIA Novosti, 8/22/2018

MOSCOW, 22 Aug – RIA Novosti. The Russian and foreign paleogenetik have extracted DNA from remains of the ancient people found six years ago in the Denisovy cave in Altai and have found out that part of them was "hybrids" of Neanderthal men and "denisovets". Their conclusions have been presented in the Nature.© magazine of the Photo: Michael Smeltzer, Vanderbilt University Scientists have found out when denisovets and Neanderthal men "have broken off the relations" "We and before knew that Neanderthal men and "denisovets" had to contact with each other and to periodically leave posterity. On the other hand, I personally never thought what to us so will carry, and we will find remains of the child whose father was "denisovets", and mother — the female Neanderthal man" — Vivien Slon from Institute of evolutionary anthropology in Leipzig (Germany) has said. In December, 2010 well-known палеогенетик Svante Paabo has announced opening of the "third" type of people whose remains – one bone of a finger — have been found in the Russian Denisovy cave in Altai. This discovery has been made thanks to "revival" of the scraps of a genome which have remained in three fragments of bones of the ancient person — a phalanx bone of a finger and two teeth found in a cave. As the scientists found them "denisovets" initially considered were relatives of Neanderthal men who lived in a cave about 50 thousand years ago. Subsequently it has become clear that "denisovets" have arisen much earlier, than scientists assumed, and were separate subspecies of people. Traces of their DNA remained in genomes of modern Polynesians, Indians of South America and a number of the people of Southeast Asia. Paabo and his colleague, including the academician Anatoly Derevyanko and Mikhail Shunkov from Institute of archeology and ethnography of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, have found in the Altai cave not only teeth from which the genome of "denisovets", but also two thousand other bones which were presumably belonging to Neanderthal men has been taken. © Photo: Bence Viola Geneticists have proved that "denisovets" is more ancient Altai neandertaltsevucheny gradually analyzed these remains, extracting from them DNA and comparing them to genomes of other ancient people. In one of such bones, "Denisov 11", to the belonging 13-year-old teenage girl who has died about 90 thousand years ago them was expected by a big surprise. On the one hand, scraps of the mitochondrial DNA which is transferred from mother to her children indicated that the owner of these remains was a Neanderthal man. On the other hand, when scientists have revived other part of a genome of this girl, they have found in it traces both Neanderthal, and denisovsky DNA in approximately equal proportion – 38% and 42%. Having compared couples of chromosomes, scientists have found out that in most cases one of them contained only denisovsky genes, and the second – their Neanderthal analogs. It has indicated that parents of this girl belonged to different types of ancient people, but weren't "hybrids" as she. Respectively, her father was "denisovets", and mother – the Neanderthal woman. Her parents, as note Paabo and his colleagues, could brag of an unusual life story and origin. For example, girl's father not



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