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Organizers recognized problems with Tony Robbins's seminar - RIA Novosti, 9/3/2018

MOSCOW, 3 Sep — RIA Novosti. Organizers of a seminar of the American coach Tony Robbins who has passed on September 1 in the Olympic Stadium recognized problems with his organization, however the performance of the speaker has begun in time, the rector of business school Sinergiya, the organizer of a performance has told RIA Novosti, Grigory Avetov.© RIA Novosti / Alexander Kozhokhin Pereyti in an image bank the Private university "Sinergiya" will move to a new Moskvuv advertisements Sinergiya represented Robbins as the motivating trainer, among his pupils "presidents, Olympic champions, billionaires and members of the royal families" were specified. Tickets for a performance were divided into six categories, their cost varied from 29 thousand to 500 thousand rubles. After the action some participants have critically spoken of a seminar in social networks and media, in particular, about the level of the organization which has resulted in huge turns on an entrance. According to Avetov, with the organization there were difficulties: "We really had turns, we really had problems in the organization. At the same time it hasn't affected the beginning of the program in any way". "We announced registration specially in four hours prior to Allan Piz's exit (the writer, is known as the author of language of gestures — an edition), meaning that there will be huge turns. Our speaker Allan Piz has been announced at 13:00 Moscow time and Tony Robbins initially has been announced at 14:30 Moscow time. To a huge regret, we couldn't pass these turns quicker than in three hours, just couldn't physically. But we were ready to it therefore registration was announced at 9 in the morning" — he has told. In addition, a number of participants of a seminar in social networks showed later discontent with a performance of Robbins, saying that ticket prices were high, however in the speech of the speaker they have heard many banalities. The rector of business school Sinergiya hasn't agreed with this point of view: "I can comment from myself, the subjective view. I saw 26,2 thousand people who have derived improbable pleasure from an action". "There were many thousands of people, and, probably, on this training it was pleasant not to all, I can suspect. But positive opinions we have found — we not strongly looked for — several thousands published. According to these pages it is visible that it is not boats, many of them famous people, and many of them — the superfamous businessmen. On the basis of such thousands of positive responses I draw a conclusion — a positive ratio to a negative 90 to 10" — Avetov has concluded.



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