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On the place of future museum of the Siege of Leningrad have established a foundation stone - RIA Novosti, 9/8/2018

ST.-PETERSBURG, 8 Sep — RIA Novosti. The foundation stone was established on Saturday on the site of new museum exhibition complex "Defense and Siege of Leningrad" in St. Petersburg, the press service of administration of the governor of the Northern Capital.© RIA Novosti / Boris Kudoyarov reports collect to Pass into an image bank In St. Petersburg historical materials for the museum of blockade Leningrada8 of September, in Day of remembrance of the victims of the Siege of Leningrad, in St. Petersburg there take place commemorative events. "77 years ago the most tragic has begun, but also the most heroic page in the history of our city. Our fathers and grandfathers, mothers died in the last ditch, showing the whole world unprecedented heroism, strength of mind and inaccessible moral height" — the Governor of Saint Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko whose words are cited in the message has noted at a ceremony of laying of a stone. He has noted that in St. Petersburg about hundred objects which remind of blockade days, but aren't present a uniform complex, uniform scientific and educational system. According to him, the new museum exhibition complex will include not only showrooms, but also the educational center and also institute of memory. "We want that it was the world level complex because it is necessary to know what price Leningrad residents could defend the city" — the governor.© of RIA Novosti has told to Pass into an image bank of VKontakte will start an action in Day of remembrance of the victims of blockade the "Defense and Siege of Leningrad" Leningradamuzeyno-exhibition complex will be constructed on Smolnaya Embankment, in Orlovskaya Street alignment. The area of a new complex will be 25 thousand square meters. It is supposed that the museum exhibition complex will become the leading National Institute on studying, documenting and the presentation of history of defense and the Siege of Leningrad. Will be its part the memorial immortalizing memory of inhabitants and defenders of the city, research center, a constant exposition and a zone of temporary exhibitions, the educational center, the theatrical and concert center and also the repository and archive. The museum of defense and Siege of Leningrad on Solyanoy Lane will continue the development as the Memorial museum. Earlier it was reported that in October, 2017 in St. Petersburg have chosen the project of future museum exhibition complex "Defense and Siege of Leningrad" — the architectural workshop "Studio 44" of Nikita Yaveyn became the winner of a competition of architectural projects. The idea of creation of the new modern museum of defense and Siege of Leningrad has appeared in 2014. Then the authorities of St. Petersburg noted that the museum which would reflect heroism and tragic element of blockade, the area of the existing museum is necessary for the city don't allow to create a large exposition. Now the State memorial museum of defense and Siege of Leningrad is located in the house No. 9 in Solyanoy Lane. The Siege of Leningrad which has begun on September 8, 1941 lasted nearly 900 days. The only way ─ "Road of Life" on which food was delivered to the city — has been laid on ice of Lake Ladoga. Blockade has been broken through on January 18, 1943, however before her full removal ─ 27 yanv



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