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On the coast of Syria within doctrines to the Mediterranean marines - RIA Novosti, have landed 9/8/2018

LATAKIA (Syria), 8 Sep — RIA Novosti. Divisions of marines of Navy of Russia (Navy) have made disembarkation to not equipped coast in the Syrian province Latakia within joint exercises of the fleet and the Aerospace Forces (AF) on the Mediterranean Sea, the correspondent of RIA Novosti from the place of events.© of shopping Mall Zvezda tells video of joint exercises of the Navy and VKS in the Mediterranean morepo to a plan of doctrines Is posted, the Russian military personnel needed to occupy the base of the conditional opponent on the coast of the sea. The reconnaissance group from helicopters was put originally ashore, then the group of a razgrazhdeniye has been brought to the coast on boats, and after that the main forces which were landed on armored personnel carriers from the big landing ships have landed there. Support from air to them was given by planes of sea aircraft of the Navy and Russian Air Forces. 26 fighting ships, including three big landing ships, two trawlers, the boats "Raptor" and the ship of fire support and also 24 aircraft, including the Ka-29, Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters, the SU-33 planes and SU-30SM have been involved in working off of disembarkation. As the commander-in-chief of the Navy of Russia admiral Vladimir Korolev who was present at the doctrine has noted, disembarkation of the Russian landing has coincided with the similar event which has taken place half a century of the назад.CC BY-SA 4.0 / the Russian Defense Ministry / on February 27 - Sil of special operations / Cropped image of Force of special operations of Russia tasks during the exercise in the Mediterranean Sea "this year have fulfilled Day 50 years from the date of the first sea landing organized by the fifth squadron of Navy are executed (the USSR — an edition) here, in the Mediterranean Sea, in 1968. For ours of seamen it is very instructive and it is symbolical" — Korolev has told journalists after completion of disembarkation. He has added that seamen with advantage have carried out objectives. "Our seamen have modern arms and means of disembarkation, but in the past and the present our marines are united by one motto: "Where we — there a victory!" — the commander-in-chief of the Navy has concluded. As 26 ships, including two submarines were reported earlier, from September 1 to September 8 and also 34 aircraft of the Navy and VVKS carry out the first in the history of modern Russia stage joint large-scale exercise in the Mediterranean Sea. Within maneuvers practical rocket firing practice both from the ships, and from helicopters and planes is carried out.



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