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On maneuvers "East-2018" was applied by unique invisible rockets - RIA Novosti, 9/14/2018

MOSCOW, 14 Sep — RIA Novosti. During the exercises "East-2018" on the Telemba ground in Buryatia the Russian military have applied "invisible rockets".© the Photo: the press service of the Western Military District on the Federation Council the Ships of the Northern Fleet "have saved" the vessel within maneuvers "East-2018" As the chief of the 76th air defense division colonel Sergey Tikhonov has told in an interview to the Zvezda edition, command has decided to complicate a task and didn't begin to be limited to usual educational rockets. During conditional massive attack by the military it was necessary to bring down special training copies of the real cruise missiles capable to bend around a relief, simulators of ballistic warheads and also targets simulators of rockets with use of stealth technology. At the same time there was no full confidence that military will cope with an objective, Tikhonov has specified. "Matter also that in maneuvers special targets simulators of rockets have been applied with very low radio visibility, in a different way — with technology "stealth", "invisible beings". These rockets targets surpass all known foreign analogs of already real devices" — he has reported. © the RIA Novosti / the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation to Pass into an image bank On maneuvers "East-2018" motor-shooters involve the Grad MLRS in контратакеОднако, despite difficult conditions, calculations have reflected all blows, and some — in approach. As the editor-in-chief of the Natsionalnaya Oborona magazine Igor Korotchenko has noted, the Russian air defense system has in actual practice fulfilled search and destruction of the conditional purposes which were imitated due to use of hardly noticeable decisions. "Obviously, there was a task to play an episode of reflection of blow of "Tomahawk" rockets which fly at extremely low height in the mode of rounding of a land relief — the modern systems of a complex Russian air defenses have successfully coped with this task" — he has said on air of radio Sputnik.© RIA Novosti / Alexey Nikolsky to Pass into an image bank "A new zone of trust". The political scientist about value of maneuvers "East-2018" according to him, in the field of air defense development of systems Russia always was ahead of the USA. "Doctrines have shown that the system of aerospace defense of Russia is reliable and effective" — Korotchenko has concluded. The exercises "East-2018" pass from September 11 to September 17 in the territory and in sea water areas of the Far East under the leadership of the Minister of Defence Sergey Shoygu. They became the most large-scale for the last 37 years. Nearly 300 thousand soldiers of East and Central military districts, forces of the Northern Fleet, connection of Airborne troops, distant and military transport aircraft of VKS and also military from China and Mongolia take part in them. Also more than one thousand planes, helicopters and UAVs, up to 36 thousand armored cars, up to 80 ships and support vessels are involved in doctrines.



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