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ЗУРам on laughter. As media "transferred" to Israel secrets of the Ukrainian S-300 - RIA Novosti, 11.10.2018

MOSCOW, 11 Oct — RIA Novosti, Andrey Kots. The Russian anti-aircraft missile S-300PM systems thrown to Syria at the end of September did not manage to bring down anybody yet, and already came under cross fire of mass media — western and not only. On Wednesday evening the Vietnamese portal reported that the American and Israeli military experts secretly visited Ukraine and studied the air defenses similar complexes which are adopted AFU and also the anti-aircraft guided missiles (AAGM) for them. The author of a note Hang Ming claims that 18 F-15C fighters piloted by the Israeli pilots involved in the Ukrainian maneuvers. The purpose — to probe possibilities of S-300 and to collect information which the Israel Defense Forces will be able to use when flying fighting aircraft in Syria. About this complicated story — in material of RIA Novosti. © RIA Novosti / Alexey Malgavko Pereyti in an image bank to Stop armada. As Russian air defense will reflect massive attack with воздухаВ the first stage not clearly how Hang Ming from Vietnam learned about a mysterious visit of the Israeli pilots to Ukraine. In the text published at 19:30 local time (23:30 across Moscow), it is directly claimed: "according to the Russian media". But according to an online service of Yandex.News, the first of the Russian media about these doctrines which referred to the same Vietnamese portal wrote. Kiev and Washington admit the fact of transfer of the F-15C fighters, but explain that they arrived in the country still on October 6 for participation in planned international maneuvers of Clear Sky 2018. According to official figures, except AFU, the military personnel of eight countries is involved in doctrines: USA, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Holland, Poland, Romania and Great Britain. There is no Israel in the list. Secondly, the sense of sending not the most modern F-15C to Ukraine on purpose is not quite clear "to pobodatsya" with local antiaircraft gunners. This modification was made from 1979 to 1989. At all respect for the well-known western plane veteran, it is not the most worthy opponent for ZRS S-300PM as which on mysterious doctrines the Ukrainian systems allegedly acted. Thirdly, F-15C — not the Israeli Air Force most mass plane. According to all available data from the International institute of strategic researches (IISS), the Israel Defense Forces have only 17 fighters of this modification - it is one squadron. And hardly it will be sometime thrown on suppression of new Syrian ZRS of the Russian production — the risk for pilots is too high. For this purpose Israel has, for example, F-35I invisible fighters which are specially developed as the producer claims, for active fighting "under a cap" modern air defense of the opponent.© Zvezda Russian Defense Ministry / TV channel Shoygu called terms of training of the Syrian military in work from the C or 300B-fourth, the anti-aircraft missile systems which are adopted AFU seriously lag behind by fighting opportunities younger Russian "not brothers". According to experts, Kiev simply has no ZRS similar in characteristics to S-300PM. And complexes which remained after disorder



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