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On departure from Chisinau protesters have organized a skirmish with police - RIA Novosti, 9/1/2018

CHISINAU, 1 Sep — RIA Novosti. Participants of a meeting for reunification of Moldova and Romania have organized a protest on departure from Moldavian to the capital, the requirement of police to free the carriageway has developed into a fight, the correspondent of RIA Novosti with the place of events.© RIA Novosti / Irina Shlapa Mitinguyushchiye in Chisinau tells have declared about termless a protesteorganizator of an action the Alliance in a century has acted — the name is connected with 100-year anniversary of the association of Bessarabia (modern Moldova) with Romania which has taken place in 1918. He had included the Chisinau organization "Block of National Unity", the movement Actiunea-2012, public association Onoare, Demnitate şi Patrie and the movement Tinerii Moldovei. The meeting became Marsh's result of an unira (the idea of the merging of two states) starting on July 1, its participants have on foot passed from the Romanian city of Alba Iulia to Chisinau more than 1300 kilometers. The only purpose of organizers is an adoption by parliament of Moldova of the declaration on merging of two states. About 2 thousand people have gone on foot to departure from Chisinau because the police has blocked entrance of three buses with participants of the action. On departure the column was divided, a part has gone further — to Vatra (the settlement in the suburb of Chisinau) to agree with police about the admission of the bus. Others remained on the route and have blocked journey. "As we have in a column many elderly people, we ask them to remain and wait for us here. We will try to agree with police that they have passed the bus, then we together will return on the square" — organizers.© Sputnik / Miroslav Rotar Pereyti in an image bank have said the Moldavian diarchy — for and against Rossiin a request of police to free the carriageway organizers of a meeting have refused. The police had to use force, they literally dragged some participants. As a result the movement has been restored. The meeting in Chisinau on March 25 during which the declaration on association has been signed became the first stage of actions of alliance. According to organizers, more than 100 thousand people participated in a demonstration, but the police reports what was is no more than 7 thousand of them. Two days later the parliament of Romania has adopted the symbolical declaration on association. The president of Moldova Igor Dodon expressed earlier the intention to hold a referendum legislatively to forbid the ideas of association with Romania. According to opinion polls, the vast majority of citizens of Moldova speak against accession of the republic to the neighboring country.



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