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Occupation in American. Hundred years ago the U.S. Army has intruded in Russia - RIA Novosti, 8/15/2018

MOSCOW, 15 Aug — RIA Novosti, Andrey Kots. The eight-thousand forwarding case, support of the White movement and the most serious intentions — exactly 100 years ago, on August 15, 1918, officially announced U.S. State Department severance of diplomatic relations with Russia then Americans have landed in Vladivostok. It has marked the beginning of full-scale intervention of the countries of the Entente in the country which is already captured by Civil war. About what memory was left behind by the transatlantic military personnel in the Far East — in material of RIA Novosti. © to Pass RIA Novosti into an image bank Civil war and military intervention of 1917-1922 in Rossiisraza after the October revolution the Soviet Russia has called a truce in East front with Germany and has actually dropped out of the war. The countries of the Entente have apprehended it literally in bayonets. Under the pretext of inadmissibility of seizure of power in the former empire by "pro-German party" the western powers prepared for invasion into Russia which is already filled with Civil war. In December of the 1917th the USA, Great Britain, France and their allies have held a conference at which the decision on differentiation of zones of interests in the territory of the former Russian Empire and establishment of contacts with the national and democratic governments has been made. In other words, "the western partners" planned to divide the largest state on the planet among themselves, and representatives of the White movement have to help them with it. Interventionists have come into contacts with them even before invasion. The French sphere of influence included Ukraine, Bessarabia and the Crimea. England reserved the right for "the Cossack and Caucasian areas", Armenia, Georgia and Kurdistan. The USA in the first years of the Soviet power keeping a neutrality have agreed to help as a result Great Britain and France with "development" of the Russian Primorye. Americans wanted to kill two hares — to get access to rich resources of the Far East and to prevent to be fixed there Japan too reckoning on "a skin of not killed of a bear". Possible resistance of Russians into account wasn't taken. Republican senator from the State of Washington Miles Poindexter, calling for intervention, directly I said: "Russia became just geographical concept and what any more it will never be. Her force of unity, the organization and restoration has left forever. The nation doesn't exist …" The ambassador of the USA in Russia David Francis also called For invasion: "I insist on need to take Vladivostok under the control, and Murmansk and Arkhangelsk to give to Great Britain and France". © Sputnik / Denis Aslanov to Pass into an image bank the Expert has commented on adoption of new defensive budget СШАУже on August 3 the 1918th the Ministry of Defence of the USA gives the order to the general William Greyvs about sending to Vladivostok the 27th and 31st infantry regiments and also volunteers from the 13th and 62nd regiments. In total in the middle of the month Americans have landed about eight thousand servicemen in the Far East. Also Canadians, Italians and British came into forwarding force. Formally the contingent had to provide safe journey of the Czechoslovak case from depths of Dews



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