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"Not to worry!": as to schools, pupils and their parents to prepare for VPR - RIA Novosti, 11.10.2018

7 million Russian school students will write in 2019 the All-Russian Test Works (ARTW) – examinations in different objects. In 4, 5 and 6 classes VPR this academic year will be obligatory, are carried out to the others according to the decision of school.VPR ‒ the most mass estimated procedure in an education system: from the moment of their introduction in 2015 the Russian school students wrote more than 33 million test works. In 2018 VPR carried out 40,5 thousand schools from all regions of Russia. About what conclusions are drawn on the basis of so large-scale material, the director of Federal institute of assessment of quality of education Sergey Stanchenko told the correspondent of RIA Novosti. "We have the finger on the pulse": after 4 classes ‒ Sergey Vladimirovich only becomes worse that such VPR? To whom and why they are necessary? © Zhitenev VPR will begin to Pass RIA Novosti / Artyom into an image bank obligatory for school students of 7 and 8 classes by 2020 ‒ For understanding I would refer to ancient Soviet practice of administrative works ‒ ministerial, regional, total and others. Always there were many examinations. The last years the problem of variety of programs, textbooks and manuals led to the fact that at the Russian schools very differently teach material and treat requirements of the state educational standards written in very generalized view. Besides, results of the national researches of quality of education (NRQE) fix falling of level of training of school students after 4 classes. Between the 5th and 9th classes there passes the long period of time. Children begin to mature, some of them owing to a set of the reasons lose motivation, "eyes look at the street", there is a psychological growing. It is clear to all that the main school – the period, very difficult for children, when it is necessary "to have the finger on the pulse" not only to the school, but the state. It has to offer uniform measuring instruments of quality of education. All test works have the uniform system of creation of options and uniform approaches in a formulation of tasks. At the same time they are very modernized, set accents of development of FGOS, follow world educational trends. Now in these works there are a lot of praktikooriyentirovanny tasks. We try to develop assessment towards understanding of real results of training of children, their successful socialization as citizens of the country, the major basic things study in history and social science from 5 on 9 class, to high school they only acquire the academic details. ‒ What most valuable conclusions you draw from the analysis of results of VPR? How do schools work with these conclusions? And whether work? © RIA Novosti, Infographics to Pass into an image bank That school students in new academic year ‒ Unlike other estimated procedures (the USE will hand over, a SFE and so forth), check of VPR is carried out by school: children wrote, teachers collected, mudflows and in the collective discussed all mistakes, progress, gaps. It is an important part of system work of teachers, and the standardized works – enormous material for them. Then results in the form of points "rise" by all levels ‒ m



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