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Not to be a teenager to a postgraduate study: how to overcome age "a storm and an impact" - RIA Novosti, 9/5/2018

On a threshold new academic year. Pupils of the main school should get acquainted not only with new objects, but also with each other. Why they have so changed with approach of "difficult age"? In what a key problem of this period for the personality? What means "in psychological sense to kill the parents"? Whether "advertizing emotions" and what difference between internal and external wellbeing of the child are useful? About it the correspondent of "The social navigator" has had a talk with the associate professor of age psychology of a name of professor L.F. Obukhova of faculty of psychology of formation of the Moscow state psychology and pedagogical university Aleksandra Fokina. – Aleksandra Vladimirovna, we will begin with good. When parents of the teenager can be sighed and told quietly: difficult period behind? © Depositphotos/SIphotography "Theory of Envy": psychologists have shown perfectionism "dark side" – the Remarkable question as at teenage age allocate two phases – not only negative, but also positive, and it is usually longer. And first ("difficult") lasts on average two years. During this period, beginning years with twelve, the adolescent begins to destroy the former relations: to study, parents. Refuses household habits like establishing order in the room. He has one notebook on all lessons, strange clothes, awful music, he in phone all the time. I become irritable, it doesn't agree, closed with anything from relatives and teachers. – The age of "a storm and an impact" – it and so sometimes is called. Why? – Here mainly internal state of the teenager is emphasized. Former values are rejected. In the form of, let us assume, rather positive relation to study characteristic of elementary school. The need for destruction of parental views and own recent installations, acts on the foreground. © RIA Novosti / Vladimir Trefilov Ekspert: the respect for the child is "base", but not a limit of growth of a vospitatelya here about the beginning positive (plus or minus eight-year-old) phases of a puberty the fact that the teenager has positively painted interests can signal. For us naive, and for him essentially important, individual. He can be fond, for example, of the Universe of comics, experiments with own image. Policy, trainings in fitness, communication with virtual friends. Because now he solves the main age tasks – self-determination and the self-presentation. There are no exact criteria of end of stages of denial and self-construction. The teenage age is considered passed when the person has entered the world of adults, became independent – it is separated, separated from age-mates and adults. Freud said: "The teenager has to kill the parents in psychological sense" – to separate from their ideas and values to manage to reconsider them and to build the. By the way, here it is necessary to understand rather wide range of carriers of adult views on life and the world around as "parents". – To what does the child come as a result of studying of, the new opportunities?



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