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Norilsk Nickel handles an issue of payments in rubles with foreign clients - RIA Novosti, 8/15/2018

MOSCOW, 15 Aug — RIA Novosti. Norilsk Nickel handles an issue of payments in rubles with foreign clients who expressed similar readiness, have reported RIA Novosti in the company.© RIA Novosti / Alexander Utkin to Pass into an image bank of ALROSA has tested sale of diamonds to clients in India and China for rubles" Some clients of Norilsk Nickel expressed readiness to perfrom calculations in rubles. We handle this issue with them" — the representative of the company has told, answering a question of a possibility of payments in rubles with foreign buyers. Norilsk Nickel exports the most part of all produced metals. Generally they go to Western Europe, to the ports of Rotterdam and Hamburg. The essential share in sales is also occupied by the market of Southeast Asia, China. The enterprises of the USA, in turn, are large consumers of the palladium produced by MMC. The revenue of Norilsk Nickel from realization of metals in the first half of the year 2018 has made 5,473 billion dollars (growth by 40%). Including, the nickel share in sales has made 27%, copper — nearly 26%, palladium — 36%, platinum — 6%. The company sells also other metals, such as rhodium, cobalt, gold. Earlier on Wednesday JSC ALROSA has reported that she has tested the mechanism of settlings with foreign clients in rubles (with the assistance of the Russian banks), having carried out transactions on sale of diamonds with China and India. The company has counted such experience positive and if necessary will be ready to apply the similar scheme further. Earlier buyers of diamond raw materials paid off in dollars. Norilsk Nickel — the diversified mining and metallurgical company, the world's largest producer of nickel and palladium, the leading producer of platinum, cobalt, copper and rhodium. Production divisions of group are located in the Russian Federation in the Norilsk industrial region, on the Kola Peninsula and also in Finland. In 2017 the MMC has reduced production of nickel by 8%, up to 217,1 thousand tons, copper — has increased by 11%, up to 401,1 thousand tons. The largest co-owners of Norilsk Nickel are Vladimir Potanin's Interros (34,15% of stocks) and OK Oleg Deripaska's RUSAL (27,82%).



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