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Nord Stream has begun laying of pipes "Nord Stream - 2" in the German shallow water - RIA Novosti, 9/25/2018

MOSCOW, 25 Sep — RIA Novosti. The Nord Stream 2 AG company has finished preparatory work on laying of pipes of "Nord Stream-2" in Germany and has started direct construction of the gas pipeline in the German shallow water; on two threads today the vessel Castoro 10 has laid already about 30-35 kilometers, the press secretary of the company Jens Mueller.© has reported to RIA Novosti the RIA Novosti / Nord Stream 2 / Axel Schmidt Pereyti in an image bank the Union of industrialists of Germany Nord Stream acts for "— 2" "In July there has arrived the vessel Castoro 10 and as we spoke in the press release, preparatory work has begun. The vessel welded a pipe behind a pipe, and then big winches stretched them on the coast to connect to coastal objects. And these works are already complete … Now Castoro 10 has passed to east direction. It has laid already about 30 kilometers on two threads, and on each thread — about 15 kilometers" — Müller has told. He has noted that these works are conducted in shallow water where depth reaches 4-10 meters. Then, in the next months, there will arrive the second vessel and laying in a deep-water part of waters of Germany will begin. In general construction of the German part of "Nord Stream-2" has to come to the end no later than the end of 2018 of the Photo: Nord Stream 2/Axel Schmidt of the USA recognized that sanctions won't stop "Nord Stream — 2", the expert "At us has said restriction on time for works within the got permission (in Germany — an edition). It is connected with the fact that this territory of the Baltic Sea is important for a herring. There is a spawning of a herring, and whitebaits grow. Therefore within permission we need to finish works in the German waters until the end of this year. It means not simply to lay pipes, but also to dig a trench. And so works on laying of pipes in a trench are now continued and in parallel we have begun works on filling of trenches … But we are sure that we all will be in time" — Müller has added. The representative of Nord Stream 2 AG has reminded that now there is also a construction of "Nord Stream-2" in waters of Finland where already on one thread a little more than 30 kilometers of the gas pipeline are laid. "So if you look at length of the laid pipes in water now, then in total it is about 70 kilometers. In Germany on two threads about 30-35 kilometers, definitely I can't tell, I didn't see data till today. Plus a little more than 30 kilometers on one branch have laid the vessel Solitaire in Finland" — it summarized. © Trump called AP Photo/Susan Walsh expenditure of Germany on "Nord Stream — 2" неуместными‍Проект "Nord Stream-2" assumes construction of two gas pipelines with a general power of 55 billion cubic meters of gas a year from the coast of Russia through the Baltic Sea to Germany. The new pipeline is planned to be constructed near the operating Nord Stream. He will pass through territorial or exclusive economic zones of the countries located along coast of the Baltic Sea — the Russian Federation, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. From the listed countries of the Nord Stream 2 AG company, to the operator of "Nord Stream-2", it was necessary to get permission



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