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Neurophysiologists have opened the center of pessimism in a brain of the person - RIA Novosti, 8/10/2018

MOSCOW, 10 Apr – RIA Novosti. Scientists from MIT have found the special region of a brain which stimulation does the person or monkeys by the inveterate pessimists not capable to believe in something positive. Their conclusions have been presented in the magazine Neuron.© Illustration of RIA Novosti. Alina Polyanina Bakterii microflorae can operate emotions of women, scientists "say This region, it seems, is responsible also for the reactions connected with feeling of uneasiness or a depression, or their combination. As a rule, these mental problems extremely hard respond to treatment, and now we have a chance to open roots of their emergence" — Ann Graybiel from the Massachusetts technological university (USA) tells. In recent years scientists have opened several regions of a brain which are responsible for various features of character of the person and animals including tendencies to risk and also for work enough difficult behavioural programs, about existence which their owner doesn't even suspect. For example, in January of last year biologists from Yale University have opened the peculiar "program of a predator" in a brain of a mouse whose inclusion turns her into the superaggressive being ready to attack, pursue and hunt any animal or a subject. In the neighbourhood with this behavioural center there is one more similar zone forcing an animal to feel fear and to try to escape from his source. As Graybiel notes, scientists are interested long ago what the region of a brain are responsible for formation of various difficult emotions and reactions of the person to various events in his life and what violations in their work lead to development of "the Afghan syndrome", obsessivno-compulsive frustration, schizophrenia, a depression and other mental diseases. A few years ago her team has opened the special site in a so-called striped kernel of a brain which helps the person to weigh all pluses and minuses of possible options of actions, and then to refuse them or to realize them. © Scientists have found out Fotolia/Syda Productions how the number of friends changes structure of a brain of a chelovekalyuda, suffering from a depression and pessimism, practically always underestimate the abilities and possibilities of surrounding people. It has suggested to scientists an idea that these problems can be connected with violations in work of a striped kernel. They have checked, whether so it actually, watching how the activity of this part of a brain in the head of several macaques playing a monkey analog of a game with a knife and fingers changed. In her framework of the computer two strips, one of which designated that amount of juice which will be received by a primacy if he agrees to sustain "shot" from the air gun standing near the display, were displayed. The second line, respectively, served as the blow force indicator. If the macaque wasn't ready to take out unpleasant air "cotton" on the person as the award for it was too small, she could press the button which saved her from tortures, but considerably reduced serving size of food.
Having measured the typical level of "optimism"



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