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Nearly 25 thousand applications were submitted for participation in the competition "Leaders of Russia" per day - RIA Novosti, 11.10.2018

MOSCOW, 11 Oct — RIA Novosti. Nearly 25 thousand bids "Leaders of Russia" are received for the first days after registration opening that exceeds last year's indicators, the press service of a competition of managers.© of RIA Novosti RIA Novosti Zotina Pereyti in an image bank the Age threshold for participants of the competition "Leaders of Russia" reports "Leaders of Russia" raised up to 55 years is a flagman draft of the Russia — the Country of Opportunities platform started at the initiative of the Russian President Vladimir Putin at the World festival of youth and students in October of last year. The competition purpose — identification, development and support of the most perspective leading heads from the whole country having the high level of development of administrative competences. The competition was also started in October of last year. "For the first days after start of registration for the competition "Leaders of Russia" 24308 applications are received" — the press service of a competition reports. It is noted that the record number of applications is during this time received — more than 24 thousand people filled a registration form on the website, it more than was last year. "About 200 thousand applications were submitted for a competition of 2017-2018. More than 24 thousand applications from different regions of Russia and the whole world are already submitted for the second competition "Leaders of Russia" of all per day from the moment of its start. Registration for a competition is open till October 24, and we expect what will be more than applications, than last year" — press service of a word of the project manager "Leaders of Russia" quotes, the CEO of ANO Rossiya — strana vozmozhnostey, the vice rector of a RANEPA Alexey Komissarov.© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikov the Expert: the competition "Leaders of Russia" allowed to find correct людейПо to his words, additional opportunities for people on participation in a competition became innovations this year: now also foreign citizens who well know Russian and also managers up to 55 years can submit applications. "Moreover, for contestants 35 years of rather two years' experience of the management are younger. I call all courageous, vigorous and purposeful people for participation in a competition" — the press service of a word of Komissarov quotes. According to the press service of a competition, at the moment among the Russian participants by the number of applications Central Federal District (37,4%) is in the lead. Further follow Volga (14,2%), Northwest (13%), Siberian (10%), Ural (9,8%), Youzhny (8,7%), Far East (3,7%), North Caucasian (3,14%) districts.



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