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Near Voronezh look for the driver who has pushed off the police car in a ditch - RIA Novosti, 8/24/2018

YAROSLAVL, 24 Aug – RIA Novosti. The Voronezh police looks for the third day the driver of the VAZ-21099 car which has violated traffic regulations, hasn't stopped in response to requirements of police officers, and in the course of the pursuit has pushed off the police car in a ditch, the representative of Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the region on Friday.© has reported to RIA Novosti the Photo: Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation SK has opened case after attack of the man on two police officers in Klinupo to data of Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, an incident has occurred on August 22 in the city of Rossosh, but the resonance has received after on the Internet video of the event has appeared. On him it is visible that the car is chased by two police cars. VAZ rams one of them, and she, without having managed to drive, departs to a ditch. The second continues a pursuit, police officers demand from the driver to stop under the threat of use of weapons. That stops on the country road, but as soon as two police officers run out from inside of the car, VAZ leaves. It is said in the official statement of police that on August 22 in Rossosh traffic police officers have noticed the VAZ-21099 car at 6:30 Moscow time moving on a strip of oncoming traffic. On the legal requirement of police officers to stop the driver hasn't reacted. Law enforcement officers by office car have made the decision to chase the car of the violator.© Foto: from the personal Driving archive without borders: the customs officer who has brought down the pensioner can bail "Moving across the territory of the Kamensk district, on the 153rd kilometer of the highway R-194 "Voronezh-Luhansk" the driver of the VAZ-21099 car has allowed side tangent crash with the Daewoo Nexia official car, moving in the passing direction and making overtaking then the Daewoo Nexia car has moved down in a ditch and has turned over" — it is said in the statement. As a result of road accident two traffic police officers were traumatized and have asked for medical care. The car VAZ has fled the scene. "The driver of "VAZ-21099" is still not detained. Now police officers have organized investigation and search operations" — the representative of department has reported to RIA Novosti.



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