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Near Volgograd the court has pronounced a sentence to recruiters of terrorists - RIA Novosti, 5/10/2017

Judge's chair. Archival photo
ROSTOV-ON-DON, on May 10 — RIA Novosti, Ivan Kapustin. The North Caucasian district military court has sentenced to different imprisonment terms of detainees in the Volgograd region five recruiters in the international terrorist organizations, the representative of UFSB on региону.© RIA Novosti has reported to RIA Novosti. Rfpereyti's FSB in фотобанкВ Tver five natives of Central Asia for financing the ИГ*Деятельность of so-called "Pallasovsky jamia" involved in recruitment and involvement of inhabitants of the region in activity of illegal armed groups and the international terrorist organizations, including in the territory of Syria have detained, FSB of the Russian Federation in the territory of the city of Pallasovka of the Volgograd region in 2016 has been revealed. During investigation and search operations five members of a cell of radical Islamists at whose place of residence ammunition is found and withdrawn have been established, chemical components and the striking elements of the improvised explosive device, literature of religious character, have explained in UFSB. "By a court decision Roman Radzhabov was sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment, Azamat Kurkumgaliyev, Nurken Akhetov and Gayrat Abdurasulov were sentenced to 2 years and 6 months of imprisonment, Idris Umarov — by 2 years of imprisonment in corrective colony of ordinary regime" — the interlocutor of the agency has explained. Depending on the committed crime they are found guilty of the organization of participation of the person in activity of the terrorist organization, of illegal storage of ammunition, and also the explosive device, of instigation to participation of the person in activity of the terrorist organization, in complicity to participation of the person in activity of the terrorist organization. The sentence has taken legal effect.



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