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National Interest called SU-35 "nightmare" of the U.S. Air Force - RIA Novosti, 9/3/2018

MOSCOW, 3 Sep — RIA Novosti. The American National Interest portal called the Russian SU-35 fighter a nightmare and a headache for the American aircraft in the Asian region. The plane is on arms at the Air Force of China.© RIA Novosti / Grigory Sysoyev to Pass into an image bank "The ideal choice": Media were explained why SU-57 "is incomparable" with F-35su-35, according to the author of the publication, is one of the most efficient fighters on hand at the Chinese army. Existence of planes of this type considerably strengthens forces of China in the Pacific Rim, it is told in material. As the military observer of the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper has noted on air of radio Sputnik, the colonel in resignation Victor Baranets, SU-35 belongs to the category of the most powerfully armed fighters in the world. "Here the most modern electronics, two most powerful engines, are a lot of equipment which allows the pilot to be aware of a situation around the plane, very effective system of aiming" — the expert has told. According to him, aboard it is possible to ship eight tons of arms, and RIA Novosti / Anton weighing plane of 19 tons.© Balashov to Pass it into an image bank of National Interest has told how SU-35 can bring down F-22 "At the plane of 12 knots of a pendant for arms. Under wings he can bear, for example, six medium-range missiles, six short-range missiles. He has the whole set of the air-to-ground rockets, there are high-precision, there is also uncontrollable ammunition" — Baranets has added. He has noted that if to compare SU-35 to other military planes as regards arms, then he is in the advanced ranks of world aircraft industry. Great interest of many countries to it is explained by these advantages, including NATO countries, the colonel considers. "Not only China and Malaysia have taken notice of this plane, and choke in turn of tens of other countries. Already and Turks have thrown a look on our plane, about it a talk is carried on" — the expert has emphasized. He has reminded that there was time when pilots because they choked in the Photo cabin.© in large quantities refused the American F-22: United Aircraft Corporation Experts have compared the Russian SU-35 fighter to the American F-35 ‍ "And F-35 have very serious problems — there was a period when the Pentagon in general has stopped flights of these planes" — Baranets also has noted has added what with SU-35 such never was. SU-35, on codification of NATO: Flanker-E — the Russian multi-purpose supermaneuverable fighter of generation 4. I have developed him Sukhoi Design Bureau. The generation 4 is conditional and points that on set of characteristics of SU-35 I am closely close to the fighter of the fifth generation: except for existence and the active phased lattice antenna he meets a stealth technology to the majority of requirements to planes of the fifth generation. SU-35 was put into operation in 2014. Today at the Russian army 68 fighters of this sample are adopted. Russia and China in 2015 have signed the contract for delivery of 24 multipurpose SU-35 fighters of generation 4.



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