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NASA will launch tomorrow the probe which "will for the first time dive" into the atmosphere of the Sun - RIA Novosti, 8/10/2018

MOSCOW, 10 Aug – RIA Novosti. Tomorrow NASA will send to space the probe Parker Solar Probe which will make 24 flights through the atmosphere of the Sun and "will dive" into her in 2025. His work and death will help astronomers to reveal a secret of the birth of solar wind, the website of the space agency.© NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington reports Mercury has helped to find out NASA with what speed the Sun "Everything that we know about the device and work of a crown "grows thin", we have received, using the telescopes and tools located far from the Sun. We have squeezed out everything that is only possible and it is impossible from these data. Sending the probe to the atmosphere of a star will help us to check these theories and to really see what there occurs" — Nicholeen Viall, one of participants of a mission has said. High temperature of a crown — the most top layer of the solar atmosphere — still remains a riddle for astrophysicists. Underlying layers of the Sun — the chromosphere and the photosphere — are warmed up to the temperature of ten thousand degrees Kelvin. In an interface between a crown and the photosphere thickness in several kilometers this temperature sharply increases in hundreds of thousands of times and reaches several million degrees Kelvin. The full-fledged explanation of this phenomenon which isn't raising doubts at most of scientists doesn't exist yet. Many astronomers consider that the atmosphere of the Sun is warmed by the powerful emissions of plasma and flashes which are periodically happening on his surface, however unambiguous certificates of it haven't been found. The probe Parker Solar Probe which main goal will be a rapprochement with the Sun on minimum possible distance, about 6 million kilometers, and studying of structure of his crown will be able to open this riddle. His life will come to the end with fiery death in the heated atmosphere of a star that will occur as scientists expect, in the middle of the next decade. © the Illustration of RIA Novosti the Russian scientists have tracked how Solntsayesli's crown to it is heated weather won't prevent, PSP will be sent into Earth orbit at ten o'clock of morning of Saturday from the launch pad of the Center of space flights of NASA of Kennedy in Florida. By the current estimates of NASA, bad meteoconditions will arise with the probability which isn't exceeding 30% tomorrow. After that he will go to a seven-year cruise around the Sun during which he will gradually approach a star, "correcting" a flight trajectory by means of force of an attraction of Venus by which he will fly by seven times. The idea of creation of the similar spacecraft have appeared at the end of the last century. Nevertheless, the first tangible plans for his construction have appeared in NASA only in 2009. Initially specialists of the agency planned to start it at the end of 2015, however reduction of financing of NASA and a delay in assembly of the probe have forced them to transfer his sending to space for summer of 2018. Last year this mission has been called in honor of the astrophysicist Eugene Parker, the pioneer of solar wind. As well as its iron "namesake", Parker became peculiar перво



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