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Naftogaz warned about a default of Ukraine - RIA Novosti, 12.10.2018

The headquarters of oil and gas holding Naftogaz of Ukraine in Kiev. Archival photo
MOSCOW, 12 Oct — RIA Novosti, Alexander Lesnykh. The head of Naftogaz Andrey Kobolev said that without new tranche of the International Monetary Fund Ukraine is threatened by a default: the country is incapable to satisfy debts to the creditor independently. From the Ukrainian economy the largest investors turned away, and the most part of Kiyeva for months lives without hot water. That think of it in the IMF and why chances of the next credit are extremely small — in material of RIA Novosti. © RIA Novosti / Alexander Altman Pereyti in an image bank Naftogaz washed hands: in Kiev any more half a year is not present hot водыПосетив the Ukrainian capital in the middle of September, representatives of the international credit institution accurately let know: advance payments reached a limit, it is time to return received from the western sponsors for the last four years. Nadezhda Kiyeva on the next tranche in 1,9 billion dollars failed. At the beginning of October the prime minister Volodymyr Groysman reported: next year the country will spend a third of the budget for repayment of a public debt. "From one trillion two hundred billion hryvnias we need to give 427 billion" — the head of the Cabinet of Ministers specified. However, it is the most optimistical forecast. In practice in Kiev understand: without the next tranche of the IMF to pay on debts it is unreal. "Without the credit of the International Monetary Fund the default can wait for Ukraine" — the head of Naftogaz Andrey Kobolev in an interview to one of the Ukrainian online editions recognized last Tuesday. To obtain the new credit for service old, the government of Ukraine decided on political suicide, having agreed to raise gas prices for the population by 23% only this year. It means that since October citizens of the country will pay about 8,5 hryvnias for cubic meter instead of last year's 6,9. But even in this situation fuel does not reach the end user. This year Kiyeva's inhabitants became hostages of dismantling between Naftogaz and the supplier of heat of Kiyevenergo belonging to the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov. Because of disputes over payment Naftogaz just stopped supply of fuel on the largest thermal power plants of the Ukrainian capital, and already half a year most of Kiev residents lives without AFP 2018/Saul Loeb IMF hot water.© was frightened that super profits from oil will go to May ukazyv September it was investigated that for the IMF and it it is not enough. Representatives of the creditor imposed on the government of Ukraine new requirements: the country has to adopt the balanced budget and reorganize the Public Fiscal Service (PFS), having united it with tax and customs. But even if executive power will agree, it is almost impossible to make it until the end of the year — for breakdown of necessary decisions through Rada there will just not be enough time. So not to see to Ukraine of a new tranche. The only real scenario — granting so-called stand-by of the credit of five-six billion dollars for the term of 12-15 months. Such short-term loans are issued when the client just has no money to pay off according to the current obligations. Offering Kiev this "service", the IMF actually declares Ukraine bankrupt. In total in the next five years



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