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MSU: global warming will cause mass extinction of birds in the Arctic - RIA Novosti, 11/9/2018

MOSCOW, 9 Nov – RIA Novosti. Sandpipers and many other Arctic birds can disappear in the nearest future because global warming forces to steal more often than predators their eggs and to ruin their colonies. The Russian and foreign scientists who have published article in the magazine Science.© RIA Novosti / Belief of Kostamo Ecologists have come to such conclusion: global warming has put polar bears on an extinction side "the Frequency of death of nests of sandpipers has increased especially sharply in the Arctic. If earlier the increased success of their reproduction was advantage to implementation of distant flights by sandpipers on the North there, then now there is no such advantage. Birds have appeared in an ecological trap" — Pavel Tomkovich from Lomonosov Moscow State University tells. The Arctic, along with mountain glaciers, remains to one of the most vulnerable regions of the world for global warming where average annual temperatures have already grown in recent years by 6-7 degrees. Thawing of her ices as today scientists consider, will bring in the future to serious changes in circulation of currents and to irreversible changes in work of all climate of Earth in general. The main consequence of this warming are two things – the shift of climatic zones and related florae and faunae, and changes in time of approach of spring and other seasons of year. Recently scientists have found out that in the Russian and Canadian Arctic the spring has begun to come for 2-3 weeks before norm, and rates of thawing of permafrost and speed of retreat of glaciers have actually doubled. Tomkovich and his colleagues, as the press service of MSU transfers, have checked how these global changes in life of the Arctic and other corners of the world have affected life of birds during the most important and vulnerable period of their life – a marriage season and nesting. For this purpose scientists have analysed the statistics collected for the last 70 years by the Russian and foreign naturalists during observations of several tens of thousands nests of sandpipers. These birds lived approximately in two hundred colonies located in different regions of a polar region and midlatitudes. © Illustration of RIA Novosti. Alina Polyanina Potepleniye of the Russian Arctic "has frozen" the USA and Canada, declare ученыеКак Tomkovich has explained, birds migrate on the North in the summer not because there is more cool, than in the south and because in Subpolar zone much less predators capable to kill as newly made parents meet and to ruin their laying of eggs. It was spoken well by statistics – inhabitants of the Arctic "bird's markets" much more often and more successfully brought forth offspring, than their tropical relatives. The situation as ornithologists have found, has sharply changed in the last twenty years – foxes, crows, skua gulls and other fans of eggs have begun to ruin nests of sandpipers twice more often in a moderate strip, and three times more often – in subpolar latitudes. Today, according to ornithologists, only a third of nests of these birds "lives" until as baby birds will manage to leave eggs and will learn to fly. It is significantly less than the similar indicators characteristic of tropics. It isn't absolutely clear yet what it is connected the act with



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