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Metropolitan Illarion: The writing and the Legend can't be opposed - RIA Novosti, 9/25/2018

MOSCOW, 25 Sep – RIA Novosti. The modern orthodox divinity considers the Scripture and the Sacred Legend as the parts of a whole equally necessary for rescue of the person, and doesn't find possible their opposition, like Protestant divinity, the rector of the General church postgraduate study and doctoral studies (OTsAD) Metropolitan of Volokolamsk Illarion has said. The metropolitan Illarion has made a speech at the international conference "The Gospel of Matthew: a historical and theological context" which takes place on September 24-28 in Moscow. The conference is organized together with Society of new treasured researches (Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas) and Higher School of Economics. The report of the rector of OTsAD has been devoted to the subject "The Gospel of Matthew in Church Tradition and in Modern Science". © RIA Novosti / Maria Shustrova the Metropolitan Illarion has discussed the book "Jesus's Parables" with читателямиВ the performance the metropolitan Illarion has reminded that after the Reformation in Protestant divinity the thesis "Only the Writing has gained development!", and "as a result, with strengthening of rationalistic approach in studying of the Scripture everything, belonging to the sphere of the Legend, has automatically been recognized unnecessary and interfering reliable understanding of the bible text". "Absolutely we see a different approach in creations of fathers of the Eastern Church. We won't find at them strict opposition of the Writing and the Legend" — the metropolitan Illarion has told. According to him, like modern biblical scholars, fathers of Church came up against situations when the text of the Writing appeared insufficiently for the answer to this or that question. "Just as in the analysis of the text of the Gospel of Matthew (being guided only by this text) we remain with the whole series of unresolved questions, contemporaries of the prelate Basil the Great couldn't find in the Writing of the sufficient bases for creation of the convincing doctrine about divinity of the Holy Spirit. And in these conditions the prelate Vasily pointed to the church liturgical legend, same is more ancient, as well as new treasured texts, and kept, in ceremonies and formulas, the primordial church doctrine about Spirit" — the bishop has noted. Adducing this argument, he has continued, "Basil the Great didn't accent distinction of the Writing and Legend, on the contrary, they were for him a part of a whole, and he saw no reason to give preference to one in favor of another". In general, the rector of OTsAD has added, in east patristic tradition the Writing is considered as RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich to Pass a part of the Legend.© into an image bank the Metropolitan Illarion: the sense of some words of Christ has opened only with Illarion also vremenemmitropolit I have reminded of activity of the famous orthodox theologian of the 20th century protopresbyter Ioann Meyendorf who, according to him, was one of those thinkers who has returned orthodox academic divinity to his patristical bases. "In many respects thanks to him the orthodox divinity of the 20th century has returned to initial, peculiar to the Eastern Church, idea that the Writing and the Legend can't be opposed. Writing as hour



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