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Metropolitan: children from Donbass constantly participate in the competition "Lord's Summer" - RIA Novosti, 9/12/2018

MOSCOW, 12 Sep – RIA Novosti. A part of works of participants of the children's literary competition "Lord's Summer" are devoted all last years to the events on Donbass and on Luhanshchyna, the chairman of Publishing council of Russian Orthodox Church Metropolitan of Kaluga and Borovsk Kliment has reported on Wednesday at a press conference in IIA Russia Today. According to him, following the results of the international literary competition for children and young people of Ivan Shmelyov "Summer the Lord's" the collection "Beam of the Sun Gold" with a circulation of 3 thousand copies is published. He had included works of finalists of a competition, including — living on Donbass.© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pyatakov to Pass into an image bank the Bishop: Not against the spiritual literature which is bringing up sensitive issues "Children write church about the pain and about the joy. Write interestingly, vividly, describe life of ordinary people and as it affects them. On many problems at us already the look is created at the expense of media, and they in own way argue on it, and it turns out very interestingly … In works from Donetsk children tell about that difficult life which they have endured as they perceive it there" — the metropolitan Kliment has told. According to organizers, every year to a competition from five to eight works comes from regions of Luhansk and Donetsk. "We are especially open to them because we understand that it is necessary to help local children who what to tell, live in the hardest conditions, both physical, and moral" — the winner of the Patriarchal literary award poet Yury Kublanovsky has told. He has specified that from Kiev, owing to objective circumstances, children's works don't come to a competition now. "Slavs on Slavs, the on the, same it is terrible – in these works it meets too. It is surprising pain for what occurs in Donetsk and Luhansk … One little sixth-grader has written verses on Ukraine — that we have one Easter, we have one Saints. And it has been so simply told and is so sincere, deep – moved to tears" — the editor-in-chief of the Literatura V Shkole magazine Nadezhda Krupina has noticed in turn. The international literary competition for children and young people of Ivan Shmelyov is held "Summer the Lord's" by Publishing council of Russian Orthodox Church on blessing of the patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill. The fifth season of a competition this year has opened on September 1.



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