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Mentally unstable astronaut could drill a hole in the ISS, have declared in the State Duma - RIA Novosti, 9/4/2018

MOSCOW, 4 Sep — RIA Novosti. The astronaut, the deputy of the State Duma Maxim Surayev hasn't excluded that in the Union of MS-09 ship docked to the International Space Station mentally unstable crew member of the ISS.© of the Photo could drill a hole: Roskosmos/Oleg Artemyev the Drama at the ISS: between Americans and Russians the crack "has run All of us are living people, all can want home, but this way — absolutely unworthy. If it was uchudit by the astronaut, and it can't be excluded, then it is absolutely bad. Means, that filter which worked at Earth doesn't work. There was the most severe psychological selection, there were psychologists whose conclusions are very powerful. Now the level of this service has a little decreased" — he has told. At the same time the interlocutor of the agency has urged not to accuse any of crew members of the ISS, investigation of the commission won't come to the end yet. The astronaut has noted that onboard the ISS there is all necessary to drill such opening. At the same time, in spite of the fact that astronauts constantly keep in contact with Earth, the round-the-clock observation of their work isn't conducted. "God grant, that it I was there was a manufacturing defect though it is very sad too, it wasn't for all history of "Unions" — Surayev.© has emphasized the Photo: Roskosmos/Oleg Artemyev Expert: State of emergency with "Union" won't lower trust from astronauts and at the ISS have found an air turistovutechka on Wednesday night, on August 30. The crew has checked all compartments and has found a microcrack in the Union of MS-09 spaceship. She settled down in a household compartment, but not in the lander therefore didn't threaten return of the spaceship to Earth. Originally was considered that the crack was formed because of hit of a micrometeorite. In the evening of the next day the Russian astronauts have closed an opening special sealant. The Energiya rocket and space corporation has begun internal investigation. Besides, the emergency situation is investigated by special commission of the staff of Roskosmos, RSC Energia and leading scientific research institute of space-rocket branch TsNIIMash.



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