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Members of HRC can visit the Yaroslavl colony again - RIA Novosti, 8/24/2018

MOSCOW, 24 Aug — RIA Novosti. Members of council under the President of the Russian Federation on human rights (HRC) consider the possibility again to go to the Yaroslavl colony No. 1 in connection with emergence of new information on tortures concerning convicts, the deputy head of HRC Evgeny Бобров.© RIA Novosti / Oleg Smyslov has reported to RIA Novosti to Pass into an image bank the Member of OP plans to visit the Yaroslavl colony after new data about a pytkakhnovy video from corrective labor colony No. 1 in Yaroslavl with beating of convicts has published on Thursday on the website "Novaya Gazeta". According to the edition, events on record belong to December, 2016. This video, as well as previous — with beating of the condemned Evgeny Makarov, the Public Verdict fund has extended. "The question with a business trip is now considered. Perhaps, colleagues from the tenth commission — on assistance of PMC, reform of penal system and prevention of offenses under the leadership of Andrey Babushkin will find an opportunity there to leave" — he has told. The deputy head of Council has added that the HRC will check all published facts, "thoroughly to understand these cases, we will disregard nothing". Video with Makarov's beating has also been posted in July by Novaya Gazeta. According to her information, an incident has occurred in June of last year in corrective labor colony No. 1 in Yaroslavl. FSIN has confirmed later time and the place of the events recorded on video. Criminal case about abuse of office is brought, all participants of a scene are established. It was reported about discharge from a position of 17 employees of colony. After scandal of FSIN I have organized through the whole country the special commissions for check of all cases of use of violence in colonies. On business 12 people are detained, from them 11 are taken into custody, one is placed under house arrest. Charge is brought to persons involved. In the Yaroslavl colony members of HRC headed by the chairman Mikhail Fedotov left, met Makarov and other prisoners. After scandal the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko has expressed the need to reform all penal correction system of the country. The Chairman of the Committee of the Federation Council by the constitutional legislation Andrey Klishas has said that Matviyenko's proposal to enter serious changes into the system of execution of punishments deserves "unconditional support", at the same time, his realization demands detailed study with Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation, Public chamber, human rights organizations and the public. The Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yury Chaika, in turn, has demanded to study carefully complaints to conditions of keeping in jails and to carry out audit of materials about refusal in initiation of legal proceedings about it. He has urged to raise a question of responsibility of the investigators and investigators who have issued illegal decrees, and prosecutors, with them agreed. According to him, the situation which has developed in institutions of FSIN demands immediate intervention.



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