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Medvedev has warned about a difficult shestiletka for the Russian economy - RIA Novosti, 9/20/2018

MOSCOW, 20 Sep — RIA Novosti. The following six-year cycle in the Russian economy will be difficult, the prime minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting of the Government has said. © the RIA Novosti / Press service of the Russian President Pereyti in an image bank of Russia it is necessary to achieve breakthrough development of economy, Putin has said" We have to consider a situation in the raw and financial markets and also not to a lesser extent possible expansion of trade wars and strengthening of protectionism and sanctions pressure" — he has warned. According to Medvedev, Russia will build the economic policy so that "first, surely to develop even in such, frankly speaking, not quite favorable conditions, and secondly, to provide steady increase in the standard of living". Besides, the head of the government has noted that Russia next year actually completely will restore financial protection of the budget against external shocks, and the National welfare fund will reach the maximum volume for all his history. He has explained that the NWF will grow at the expense of the budgetary rule according to which income from the oil price over a certain level goes not for the current expenditure, and in reserves. "Even despite rather high prices of energy resources which we have now as compared was some time ago we left stop-out price (in the budgetary rule — an edition) at the level of 41,6 dollars for Urals brand oil barrel" — the prime minister has added. The day before the Ministry of Finance has predicted next year surplus of the budget at the level of 1,8% of GDP that 1,885 trillion rubles.© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Odinokov Pereyti in an image bank equal Manturov has told about work on импортозамещениюВ to 2020 income will exceed expenses on 1,1% of GDP (1,183 trillion rubles), and in 2021 — 0,8% (0,9 trillion rubles). Next year expenses of the budget will make 18,06 trillion rubles, in the 2020th — 19,01 trillion, and in the 2021st — 20,04 trillion. As a percentage GDP it will make 17,1% in 2019, 17,2% in the 2020th and 16,9% in the 2021st. "At the same time the volume of conditionally approved expenses will be 475,3 billion rubles (2,5% to the total amount of expenses) in 2020 and 1002,2 billion rubles (five percent to the total amount of expenses) in 2021" — it is said in the explanatory note. It is noted that decrease in a share of expenses to the volume of GDP is caused "by higher growth rates of GDP in relation to growth rates of nominal volume of expenses and more moderate growth in incomes in relation to GDP".
the Volume of National welfare fund on the end of the year will make 3,8 trillion rubles, in 2019 he will grow by four trillion, in the 2020th — by 3,5 trillion, in the 2021st — by 2,8 trillion, to 14,1 trillion rubles. The draft budget has to be introduced to the State Duma till October 1.



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