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Medvedev has met winners of a photo contest of Stenin - RIA Novosti, 11/8/2018

HILLS, 8 Nov — RIA Novosti. The prime minister Dmitry Medvedev has met finalists of the fourth international competition of photojournalism of Andrey Stenin. He has noted danger of a profession of the press photographer and high quality of works of contestants. "I understand how dangerous the newspaper photographer's profession is. It is a risk profession. For this reason the competition is devoted to your died colleague who up to the end fulfilled the duty, working in very difficult conditions, at Donbass, showing high qualities of professional photojournalism" — Medvedev has told. According to the prime minister, today the photo became available to a huge number of people, and everyone who has an ordinary camera or the camera on phone, considers himself the press photographer and the newspaper photographer. But, Medvedev, "has added it far not so, and we understand it". "But for those who here, not to mention Andrey Stenin and other newspaper photographers who, unfortunately, are exposed to violence, are actually a profession. <…> When journalists with risk for life obtain information, it is definitely not production history, it demands big courage" — the prime minister has emphasized. He has also told that he has looked at photoworks when flew from Moscow to China. "Good works <…> They have entered into final group. These are really interesting works, and the most different, beginning from such difficult war reporting and finishing, apparently, with absolutely household sketches which are executed, in my opinion, highly professionally" — Medvedev has noted. The head of the government who also likes to photograph, admitted that he tries to monitor development of the photo, technicians. "It seems to me that it is interesting especially as now it became well really huge number of people. I remember how in the Palace of pioneers I studied the photo … Very serious work" — he has told, meaning first of all shooting on a film. "It is a serious responsible profession and big art. I congratulate you" — he has addressed participants of a competition. The CEO of IIA Russia Today Dmitry Kiselyov has right there suggested the prime minister to present the works out of the competition next year. But Medvedev admitted that he won't compete with professionals. As a gift he has given to Kiselyov and the editor-in-chief of IIA Russia Today Margarita Simonyan an album with the works. IIA Russia Today under the auspices of the Russian Commission on affairs of UNESCO has founded a competition of Andrey Stenin in 2014 — in memory of the newspaper photographer who has died in the southeast of Ukraine at execution of a professional duty. Annual reception of works on tradition begins on a birthday of Stenin, on December 22. To this day the competition remains the only international platform in Russia opening new names in the modern photo. Main goals of a competition — support of young photographers and saving high standards of photojournalism. The main subjects of works of contestants — global humanitarian challenges, questions of maintaining national originality, a problem of social equality and ecology. Without supporting your browser



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