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Media have told how Russia has benefited from the anti-Iranian sanctions of the USA - RIA Novosti, 11/9/2018

MOSCOW, 9 Nov — RIA Novosti. Russia could win thanks to sanctions of the USA against Iran, RIA Novosti / Alexander Yuryev writes Wall Street Journal.© to Pass into an image bank In the USA want to transfer "the oil kingdom" of Putinuotmechayetsya that Moscow has fought buyers off Tehran and has increased supply of oil thanks to restrictive measures of Washington to Tehran. At the same time Russia also helps Iran to endure sanctions pressure, buying up his oil for internal consumption, and it will export the "black gold" released during this maneuver first of all to Europe. The edition also reports that Russia is going to buy the Iranian energy resources on barter — in exchange for the production equipment and food products.© of Depositphotos/Godlind Russia, India and Iran will create an alternative Suez kanalupodcherkivatsya that Moscow already extracts volumes, record for the last 30 years, and is in the first place in this parameter in the world. So, in October the country managed to receive from a subsoil 11,41 million barrels a day that is 4,3 percent more in comparison with the corresponding period of 2017. According to the newspaper, helping Iran, Russia replaces it in the world market of oil. Moscow could already compensate in different degree reduction of supply of the Iranian energy resources to Turkey, to China and South Korea. On the fifth of November sanctions against Iran which existed before signing of the Joint comprehensive plan of actions according to the nuclear program of Iran have entered. Trump repeatedly criticized the transaction and in May announced the 2018th withdrawal from the agreement. He has accused Tehran of uranium enrichment and development of a prohibited weapon contrary to terms of agreement after Israel declared presence at him of the relevant intelligence information. Other members of "six" have condemned actions of the United States. The European partners of Washington have emphasized that they intend to meet terms of transaction still. © AFP 2018/Bulent Kilic of Russia have found replacement in the market of a world zlatogd Trump has announced restoration of all restrictions, including secondary, that is concerning other states doing business with Iran. A part of sanctions has begun to work since August seventh. The American authorities repeatedly stated that they intend to bring export of the Iranian oil to zero. Earlier a number of media was reported that after entry into force of economic measures to Tehran, Russia allegedly will begin to buy up the Iranian oil and will sell under the guise of the.



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