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Media have learned why the Ukrainian ships have approached coast of the Crimea - RIA Novosti, 9/23/2018

MOSCOW, 23 Sep — RIA Novosti. Two ships of Naval Forces of Ukraine go to Berdyansk for participation in creation of new naval base in the Sea of Azov, reports "The Ukrainian military portal". © the Ukrainian general has told AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky why to Kiev base in the Azov morepo of information of sources of the edition, the search and rescue vessel A500 "Donbass" and the sea A830 "Korets" tow left the Western naval base in Odessa, on Thursday, September 20. The ships have to pass from Black to the Sea of Azov through the Kerch Strait. FSB has reported that vessels have entered an exclusive economic zone of Russia at coast of the Crimea in this connection the Russian ships of the coast guard have gone to accompany them "according to norms of the international marine law and for the benefit of safety of Russia". Earlier Kiev has reported about intention to strengthen military presence in the Sea of Azov. In particular, the commander of Ground forces of AFU colonel general Sergey Popko has told about transfer of the Ukrainian troops to Priazovye. In addition, "The Ukrainian military portal" wrote about sending bronekater to the water area of the Azov моря.CC BY-SA 2.0/Ministry of Defense of Ukraine / Hodov_ випробування двох maly artiler_ysky бронекатерів at v_drity морі the Military political scientist has told for what Kiev aggravates a situation in Priazovyetakzhe of the Ukrainian authorities reported about plans for creation in the region of naval base this year. As the candidate of political sciences Mikhail Nenashev has noted, Kiev equally well can nourish idea for construction of military space base on Mars. According to him, Ukraine doesn't possess the necessary shots which could build the big ships and berthing facilities. At the same time he has also noted that the Sea of Azov shallow is suitable for fishery and tourism much more, than for construction of military bases. The Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin, in turn, has declared existence of the "secret plan" across the Sea of Azov agreed with the western partners of Kiev. The diplomat didn't begin to call concrete measures which this plan provides. The minister also promised to revise the contract on the status of the sea. According to him, Kiev can achieve success in a situation around the Sea of Azov only thanks to actions "at the same time in all planes". At the same time he has also emphasized need of increase in military presence of AFU in the Sea of Azov. © Vitaly Podvitsky Are armed and very dangerous



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