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Media called the possible reason of hard landing of Boeing at Sochi Airport - RIA Novosti, 9/8/2018

MOSCOW, 8 Sep — RIA Novosti. Hard landing of the Boeing plane 737-800 UTair companies at the Sochi airport is connected with the sudden wind gust which has pushed out the liner out of runway limits the Kommersant newspaper with reference to the source close to investigation of state of emergency.© of the Photo reports: the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation of Krasnodar Krai the Passenger of the plane which has lit up in Sochi has told details посадкиПо to data of the interlocutor of the edition, experts have established that the liner came in the land in the normal mode, and problems at crew have arisen before the earth, at the height about hundred meters. Kommersant notes that records of flight recorders have registered the sharp spontaneous increase in speed of the plane which isn't connected with actions of crew. Onboard systems have reacted to it with the Caution team! Wind shear ("Attention! Wind shear"). Experts assume that near the Earth's surface the car coming in the land under a stable side wind has got to a stream of a fair wind speed about 20 meters per second. It "has pushed" her forward along a strip because of what the liner has flown over a regular point of landing more than on kilometer. As a result, as approves a newspaper source, the plane has landed in the middle of the runway at a speed exceeding the provided indicators — around 340 kilometers per hour. Experts consider that the sharp shift of the direction of wind became for pilots "an unpredictable event" with which the crew wasn't able to cope. It is noted that all landing approaches in Sochi are carried out from the sea towards mountains therefore the refusal of landing at the height less than hundred meters is considered too risky maneuver. At the same time the decision of the commander of crew to put the liner that day can be regarded as doubtful — on the night of September 1 when there was an accident, in Sochi storm warning has been announced. © Photo: Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation of the Died employee of Sochi Airport can award the order to Muzhestvasamolet Boeing 737-800 which has arrived from Moscow in Sochi Airport after landing was rolled out of borders of the runway and has rolled down to the bed of the river. As a result of such landing racks of the chassis and a wing of the liner have collapsed, one of engines has lit up. Onboard the vessel there were 164 passengers and six crew members. 18 people have suffered, one employee of the airport has died during state of emergency from heart attack. Criminal case is brought.



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