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Manafort's protection discusses a possibility of the transaction with the investigation, mass media - RIA Novosti, have reported 9/8/2018

MOSCOW, 8 Sep — RIA Novosti. Lawyers of Paul Manafort, the ex-head of the campaign headquarters Donald Trump, discuss a possibility of recognition of the pre-judicial transaction with prosecutors Bloomberg reports the agency about recognition of fault on a number of the charges brought to him on the second process of the USA with reference to the person familiar with a situation.© RIA Novosti / Sergey Guneev to Pass into an image bank Trump "has praised" the Minister of Justice for removal of sentences of two kongressmenamn the first trial of Manafort he has been found of Virginia guilty on 8 points of bank and tax fraud. On process in Washington he is accused that he worked as the foreign agent without necessary registration at Ministry of Justice of the USA — it is about those years when Manafort advised the ex-president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych and his Party of Regions. Manafort is also accused on the second process of money laundering. In case of recognition by the guilty person it is threatened by the long term of prison in addition to that term to which he can be sentenced on the first matter in Virginia. As the interlocutor of the agency has reported, during negotiations on the possible transaction with the investigation the question on what charges Manafort can plead guilty on process to Washington and what terms representatives of team of the special prosecutor Robert Müller can request is now considered. As notes the agency, negotiations can terminate in a failure, but if lawyers agree with prosecutor's office, Müller will be able to request reduction of punishment to Manafort within both processes if on the second he is also found guilty. On case which is considered in Virginia, threatens it up to 10 years of imprisonment. © AP Photo/Alex Brandon In the USA of the ex-partner Manafort have accused of violation of the law about an inoagentakhistochnik of the agency has noted that it is still not clear whether the former head of the campaign headquarters of Trump will cooperate in investigation of "the Russian influence on elections of 2016". Earlier the journalist of Fox News Ainsley Erkhardt has reported that Trump is ready to consider the possibility of his pardon. Investigation of the "intervention" in the American elections imputed to Russia and also alleged communications of Donald Trump with the Russian Federation which disprove in the White House and in the Kremlin is conducted by the special prosecutor Robert Müller and also in both chambers of the U. S. Congress.



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