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Macron has said that Putin dreams "to dismantle the EU" - RIA Novosti, 9/3/2018

STOCKHOLM, 3 Sep – RIA Novosti, Lyudmila Bozhko. The president of France Emmanuel Macron, arguing during the interview to the Swedish television of SVT on the European values and a difference between France and Russia, I have told that discussions with the Russian Federation are necessary and that he respects the Russian president Vladimir Putin who, however, "dreams of disintegration of the EU". © RIA Novosti / Alexey Nikolsky to Pass into an image bank Lavrov has commented on the "pro-Russian" speech of Macron "I respect Vladimir Putin and I am one of those who considers that we have to create new approaches to safety with Russia, discussions with Russia are necessary for us. But Putin's dream — to dismantle the EU" — the president of France has told during the interview to the Sunday analytical Agenda program of the Swedish television. The election campaign in Sweden which is carried out in connection with parliamentary elections on September 9 became one of reasons for such words. One of leaders of the anti-immigrant, called also in Sweden populist social conservative party "Democrats of Sweden" of Yimmi Okesson was asked whom he prefers — the president of France Emmanuel Macron or the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Okesson has refused to answer a question, having told that he doesn't want to make any choice. The journalist of the Swedish television has told about this history during the interview with the president of France and has asked him to comment on the answer. Macron has told that he wouldn't like to interfere with internal discussions in the country. At the same time he nevertheless has noticed that the answer tells a lot of things about the leader, "which can't arrange as sequence of value and interests".© AP Photo/Pool/Thibault Camus Macron has told that he will help to stabilize the relations of Russia and Evrosoyuzamakron has said that France respects human rights, "is one of the countries with considerable democracy" and the member of the EU. "I have contacts with Putin constantly and I respect him, but Russia isn't a sample from the point of view of human rights. I think that Russia can't be a sample for Swedes" — the French president has told. He has added that reaction of the party leader "speaks about much". Okesson, explaining SVT the unwillingness to answer a question of the choice between presidents, I have told that doesn't see an occasion for this purpose.



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