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Lyubimov summed up the results of year of "Lean production" in the Ryazan region - RIA Novosti, 05.12.2018

RYAZAN, 5 Dec — RIA Novosti. Introduction in the Ryazan region concepts of "lean production" will allow to make life of people in the region better, the governor Nikolay Lyubimov within the All-Russian forum "Lean Production" which took place in the Ryazan region on December.© 5 of the RIA Novosti / Maxims of Pancakes of Pereyti in an image bank the Ryazan government said on Wednesday the enterprises which look for new ways развитияВ to work of a forum will support delegations of 27 regions of Russia whose part heads, businessmen and representatives of public sector were participated. Professor of industrial and operational engineering of the University of Michigan "Dao Toyota" Jeffrey Layker became the special guest of a forum. Welcoming participants of a forum, Nikolay Lyubimov noted that this action united those who understand relevance and importance of implementation of the principles of "lean production" in Ryazan. "The head of state sets for us a task to provide social and economic break of Russia. All of us understand that only the effective government and strong economy can carry out it. It is possible to reach it by means of project, thrifty management, trying to obtain changes in which center – the person", – the governor.© RIA Novosti / Alexey Druzhinin Pereyti in an image bank the Head of the Ryazan region told demanded from officials maximum эффективностиНиколай Lyubimov summed up the results of year of "Lean production" in the Ryazan region which gave start to transition to qualitatively new stage of development of the control system based on the principles of thrift. The region during this time managed to implement successfully more than 100 projects in government office, executive authorities, in subordinated institutions. Thanks to lean technologies in the ministries it was succeeded to reduce document flow terms considerably. The economic benefit from such optimization will make about 4 million rubles a year. Active work on implementation of the principles of lean production is conducted in the social sphere, health care, housing and public utilities, public sector and also at the industrial enterprises of the Ryazan region. "The thrifty region is for us not kilograms, rubles and other indicators. These are, first of all, people who will live as a result better, will be able to communicate without tension with the power, a social security, medicine", – Lyubimov.CC of BY-SA 4.0 / Maxims Shanin / Night Ryazan the Ryazan region noted plans to be among the leading exporters of Rossiiv number of important results he called entry of area into the three of the best regions on replication of the federal project "Thrifty Policlinic" which is implemented by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and Rosatom corporation. Inclusion in the project allowed to increase production efficiency at such industrial enterprises as a SAAZ Set, the Ryazan shpalopropitochny plant, the Russian Leather plant, the Ryazan plant of motor vans and the Tochinvest company. In the nearest future in process it is planned to involve 103 more enterprises of the Ryazan region. "A task which was set for us by the president Vladimir Putin



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