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Lukashenko has said that Russia violates arrangements in the oil and gas sphere - RIA Novosti, 8/26/2018

MINSK, 26 Aug — RIA Novosti. The president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has said that the Russian side lists to Belarus not all duties from re-export of the Russian oil, contrary to the arrangements.© reached earlier RIA Novosti / Vitaly Timkiv to Pass into an image bank In Belarus have estimated consequences of tax maneuver in the Russian oil industry "We agreed about gas price in St. Petersburg in April a year ago. Have found together with the president a good way out of a difficult situation … Then, really, the relations were serious when to us have thrown gas price not as to allies, and is more expensive, to reject export duty, than Germany if to calculate on distance in kilometers, transit" — Lukashenko in the interview to Belarus 1 TV channel shown on Sunday has told. "We have found with Putin a way out of this situation, having connected oil here — so-called "peretamozhka" when we could sell 6 million tons (Russian) oil, and to enlist the customs duties in the budget" — he has continued. According to Lukashenko, oil cost then was on 40-50 dollars for barrel. "And then oil has jumped up. And to us slightly more money was included in the budget, than the Russian experts and the government counted then. And if the price has fallen, we in general would receive only a half" — the president has said. "Someone from so-called clever liberals in the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has seen that Belarusians have received too much and the Russian budget has grown poor. But we have signed arrangements … And Russians have ceased to transfer a part of money in defiance of our arrangements" — the Belarusian leader has emphasized. "There is a violation. So it is impossible to arrive. If there is a question — let's sit down and discuss these problems" — RIA Novosti / Sergey Guneev has suggested to Pass Lukasenka.© into Lukashenko's image bank has dismissed ministers - "laid-back persons". What does it have to do with Moskvaon has said that this is not about any "gifts" from Russia for Belarus. "For same our reciprocal services of the Russian Federation are … I can list: beginning from military bases, transit, border, defensive questions and so on … But generally, it is better for Russians in Belarus, than in separate parts of Russia — it is worth a lot" — the president has told. The Belarusian leader has announced reproaches in from the Russian side that "the Belarusian companies buy dark oil products … in Belarus overwork and sell in foreign market". © AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski On a needle: why does Poland increase purchases of the Russian energy resources "That here new? We have bought goods, have paid for it, in the same way we buy metals, accessories, we do tractors and we sell. There are no claims. And here oil processing waste which aren't implemented in Russia have sold their companies, we have overworked, have found technologies, have sold, have earned kopek" — Lukashenko has told. According to him, in Russia suggest to forbid the Belarusian companies to buy. I'm saying: "No, you forbid the to sell the company if you consider what is illegal". — "No, you forbid …" It normally? Abnormally" — he has told.



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