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Life been injured in the collapse in the Ural mine out of danger - RIA Novosti, 8/15/2018

YEKATERINBURG, 15 Aug — RIA Novosti. Life of the miner who has been injured in the collapse in the mine in Sverdlovsk region is out of danger, has reported in the SUSK environment on the region.© of Depositphotos/sudok1 In the Urals been injured in the collapse in the mine delivered in bolnitsurany the representative of prosecutor's office of the region has reported to RIA Novosti that two persons have appeared under blockages as a result of collapse in the mine in the city of Krasnoturyinsk of Sverdlovsk region, one of them has died. The victim is taken to hospital. In a regional central board of Emercom of Russia have confirmed to RIA Novosti that both miners who have appeared under blockages are brought to the surface. "Today 8/15/2018 at 22:20 local time (20:20 Moscow time) information on incident in the Severopeschanskaya mine of the city of Krasnoturyinsk of Sverdlovsk region has arrived. On the horizon — 255 meters there was a collapse of breed. As a result of it two persons have suffered. Victims have been brought by workers of the mine to the surface", – have reported in saving department, having added that incident hasn't influenced work of the mine, it operates normally, evacuation of workers of the mine wasn't required. "In the evening on August 15, 2018, around 22.20 (20:20 Moscow time), the message that in the Severopeschanskaya mine, on the horizon — 255 meters, previously, because of a rock collapse, have suffered two workers, one of whom has died, life of the second miner out of danger has come to law enforcement agencies of the city of Krasnoturyinsk. On this fact the investigative department of the city of Krasnoturyinsk of SK of Russia of Sverdlovsk region has organized investigation verification" — RIA Novosti / Igor Zarembo Pereyti in an image bank In Sverdlovsk region is said in statement SUSK.© there was a collapse the operational-investigations group as a part of investigators of city department and criminalists of regional SK, the staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and police is directed to a shakhten the scene. After conducting inspection of the scene measures to establishment and interrogation of witnesses of an incident (workers who together with victims were in the mine) and also poll of the management of the enterprise will be taken. The issue of purpose of judicial medical examinations of the victim and the dead of workers is resolved. Working documentation on the works performed in the mine, on briefing on safety measures will be claimed and be studied also without fail. Including, the specific officials responsible for safety of works in the mine are identified, notes SUSK.



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