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Lavrov on Friday will visit Bosnia and Herzegovina - RIA Novosti, 9/21/2018

SARAJEVO, 21 Sep — RIA Novosti. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Friday will visit Bosnia and Herzegovina. © the Song to Pass RIA Novosti / Vladimir into an image bank Lavrov has shown a favourite meme about "poisoners Skripalya" In the capital of the republic of Sarajevo the Russian minister will hold negotiations with the Bosnian colleague Igor Tsrndak and also will meet members of presidium of the country — collective executive authority. Three persons — the Bosnian, the Croat and the Serbian enter him. One of them is appointed the president of the republic. This post passes to the following member of presidium each eight months. Besides, Lavrov will visit Banja Luka — the actual capital of territorial education the Republika Srpska. There the Russian Foreign Minister will hold a meeting with its president Milorad Dodik and also the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the neighboring Serbia Ivica Dacic. The parties will discuss topical issues of the Bosnian settlement taking into account the general election which is coming in October. Diplomats will pay attention to cooperation between the states in trade and economic and cultural spheres. The program of the Russian minister provides not only foreign policy and economic negotiations. In Banja Luka Lavrov will participate in the opening ceremony of a memorial plate in honor of a foundation stone laying to the base of Orthodox church in memory of Nikolay's family of Ii.Rossiya is one of the largest investors in the Bosnian economy. The Russian export to the country last year has grown by 25% — to 72,8 million dollars, import — almost for 60% — to 121 million dollars. In many respects such growth is connected with non-alignment of Bosnia and Herzegovina to economic sanctions of the European Union against the Russian Federation that has led to increase in supply of local fruit and vegetables at the Russian RIA Novosti / Vladimir market.© Astapkovich to Pass into an image bank Lavrov has told how have imposed to Americans the idea about "Russia villain" the companies of the Russian Federation have a number of the projects which are successfully functioning in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Zarubezhneft company is engaged in modernization of oil processing branch in the Republika Srpska. Gazpromneft owns in the country network of gas station. Strongly also Sberbank was fixed in the Bosnian market. Bosnia and Herzegovina is also the largest consumer of the Russian natural gas. Last year the country has received 244,8 million cubic meters of fuel. Bosnia and Herzegovina declared secession of Yugoslavia in 1992 then in the republic war with participation of the Bosnian Muslims, Serbians and Croats which continued till 1995 has begun. The exact number of the victims is officially not determined, various sources indicate over 100 thousand people figure. With the assistance of the international community the peace Dayton agreement has been signed, three educations are created: Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska and special District of Brchko. The presidium consisting of three people is the head of the state: on one representative from Serbians, Croats and boshnyak (the Bosnian Muslims).



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