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Lavrov has reacted to an unexpected visit of Poroshenko ‍ - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

MOSCOW, 26 Sep — RIA Novosti. The Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov has responded with a joke to sudden appearance of the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko who has nearly come into the room of the Russian delegation in the UN. "Probably, with a toilet I have mixed" — он.CC BY 2.0/Ministry of Defense of Ukraine / Vadim has told Kovalyov / War Ukraine In Ukraine have dispelled illusions about "the strongest army of Europe" of Poroshenko in a corridor the journalists of Russia-24 TV channel removing a plot on the sidelines of the UN where there takes place the meeting of the 73rd General Assembly have met. The correspondent has asked Poroshenko a question of the initiative of expansion of UN peacekeepers advanced by him on Donbass. At this moment of the president representatives of other media have already surrounded. Without reducing speed, Poroshenko has cried out in the camera "Fake News!" and was behind doors of the room located in the neighbourhood with the room of the Russian delegation, the correspondent of RIA Novosti tells. At the same time some media claim that the Ukrainian leader in a mistake nevertheless has come into the room of the Russian delegation in the UN. Having entered in negotiation, the Ukrainian leader has looked round, having realized that has got not there, in 15 seconds left and has gone to the conference hall. © Makhmutov to Pass the RIA Novosti / Novel into an image bank "Russia disturbs him in a dream less". Political scientist about Trump's speech on HECTARE OONETO not the only funny thing of the first day of a general political debate of high level of the 73rd session of General Assembly of the UN. So, the president of the United States Donald Trump was late for own performance. The speech of the American leader had to be the second after the president of Brazil as the head of state heading the Security council current month. The president of General Assembly Maria Espinosa Garcés after a small pause has invited the head of Ecuador Lenin of Moreno to a podium. When, at last, Trump has risen by a tribune, has begun the speech with the story about how the situation in the USA after his arrival to the White House is. Traditionally he has said that "it is less than in two years" has reached bigger, than his predecessors for the same period then attendees have burst out laughing. "I didn't expect such reaction, but it is normal" — Trump was confused a little, having continued to tell about growth of economy, reduction of unemployment and other progress.



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