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Lavrov has commented on mass expulsion of the Russian diplomats - RIA Novosti, 9/3/2018

MOSCOW, 3 Sep — RIA Novosti. The Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov has said that he "sincerely" takes off a hat to the British diplomats who managed to convince the European colleagues in the course of the Brexit to send the Russian diplomats within "has put Skripal".© RIA Novosti / Alexey Filippov to Pass into Yakovenko's image bank has commented on expulsion of the Russian diplomats from Britaniigovor about new American sanctions in connection with "Skripal's business", Lavrov has noted that "the USA has decided to run ahead of London". "I think, in it the ability of the British diplomacy to persuade and pass ahead of myself those who can undertake manual labor is shown" — he has said, addressing students of MGIMO. He has reminded that right after the incident in Salisbury "The European Union reacted rather frostily", but London managed "to persuade two thirds of the EU to send on one, on two, three Russian diplomats after the British". "When we our partners in Europe who have been forced to go for this blackmail, asked whether British have shown you in excess of what they publicly speak, that is, something over highly likely. We were answered: no, but promised to make it later. I regularly am interested — still nobody has presented anything to anybody. In general, of course, the British traditions — they are well-known. I sincerely take off a hat before British diplomats who when the country leaves completely the EU, manage to influence policy of the EU for Russia, well and the USA too" — Lavrov has added. He has noted that such events in the Russian-British relations — "it is a sad story". "Us nothing connects such disaster with Britain. All those events which have served sharp cooling if not to freezing of the relations, they from the category highly likely" — Lavrov has said, meaning other cases of resonant death in Great Britain, in particular, Alexander Litvinenko and Alexander Perepelichny.© RIA Novosti / Alexey Filippov to Pass London into an image bank blocks updating of structure Russian dipkorpusaocheredny sanctions of the USA against Russia have come into force on August 27 on the Washington time (7:00 Moscow time). Charges to Russia of use of chemical weapon in the British Salisbury where the former officer of GRU Sergey Skripal and his daughter Yulia have been poisoned became the basis for their introduction. Russia denies these charges and offers joint investigation of an incident to which London doesn't agree. In the English city of Salisbury on March 4, according to the statements of the British authorities, have been poisoned the former officer of GRU Sergey Skripal and his daughter Yulia that has provoked large international scandal. London considers that the Russian State is involved in poisoning with Skripalya with the substance A234, Moscow categorically denies it. The official representative of Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova has reported that in the matter of Skripaly about 60 diplomatic notes with the requirement to provide to Russia access to investigation and to injured citizens of Russia and also with request for legal aid and offers about sotrudn have been sent to Forin-office



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