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Last argument of the general. An individual weapon of the Russian military leaders - RIA Novosti, 9/2/2018

MOSCOW, 2 Sep — RIA Novosti, Andrey Kots. Reliability, compactness, extreme simplicity of a design and a possibility of the hidden carrying is a minimum of requirements imposed to an individual weapon of military leaders. Traditionally development of such "trunks" is charged to the best designers-armorers capable of non-standard technical solutions. RIA Novosti publishes a selection of special "general" guns. Autoloading small-sized PSM under a cartridge of 5,45х18 millimeters have taken of a gun advantage for the highest command structure of the Soviet army and task forces of KGB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR in the 1973rd. At his design the minimum dimensions and weight and also absence of speakers of details were the main requirements. Weapon has turned out compact and flat, ideal for the hidden carrying. PSM remains on arms of the Ministry of Defence, the FSO and some other law enforcement agencies. Besides, in the 2005th he is brought in the list of an award weapon. In not equipped condition of PSM slightly less than 500 grams, its full length — 155 millimeters, height — 117 millimeters weigh. Width — only 18 millimeters, is thinner than a standard pack of cigarettes. The aim range of fire — 25 meters, box-shaped shop contains eight cartridges. Not to tell that these characteristics blow the mind, however the general and doesn't need to conduct an hours-long battle, sniper shooting the purposes on the horizon. Plays a role of weapon of self-defense of PSM faultlessly. For years of operation he has proved trouble-free, easy to use, safe and exact. The German Walther PP was a prototype of the Baltiets gun developed in Leningrad in the first winter of blockade and released everything in 14 copies. Development intended for the highest command structure of the Baltic Fleet. As ammunition have chosen 7,62х25 TT. The gun has turned out rather heavy and weighed without a unit of fire of nearly a kilograms (960 grams). Aim range — 50 meters, the capacity of shop — eight cartridges. Unlike similar in characteristics of a TT, Baltiets was simpler in production, it is safer for the shooter and much better functioned in the conditions of low temperatures. However during blockade it wasn't succeeded to arrange his mass production. The fate of most of 14 "Baltic Fleet sailors" is unknown. Three remained copies can be seen in funds of Central Naval Museum in St. Petersburg today. These guns as an individual weapon were used by the Admiral of the fleet Nikolay Kuznetsov, the admiral Vladimir Tributs, the Admiral of the fleet Nikolay Smirnov, the colonel general Andrey Zhdanov and some other the highest military and political figures of the USSR. Shopping mall (Tula, Korovina) — the first Soviet serial autoloading gun. It is taken advantage in 1926. The boss — widespread at that time 6,35х15 mm "Browning". From 1926 to 1935 have produced tens of thousands of guns of this type. They arrived on arms of staff of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs, government employees and party workers and also the senior command structure of the Red Army. Also shopping malls used as prize or gift оруж



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