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Kobzon lived problems of other people and helped all, Volodin - RIA Novosti, has said 9/2/2018

MOSCOW, 2 Sep — RIA Novosti. Social and political activity of the people's artist of the USSR, the deputy of the State Duma Joseph Kobzon wasn't less important, than his creativity — he helped all, than could and lived problems of people, the Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has told to ceremonies of farewell to the actor.© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Belousov to Pass into an image bank "And at us in the yard" and "Victory Day" — the best songs by Iosif Kobzonaproshchaniye with the people's artist of the USSR, the deputy of the State Duma Joseph Kobzon takes place on Sunday in Moscow the Concert the hall of Tchaikovsky. Kobzon was the deputy of the State Duma since 1997, and held a position of the First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on culture in the seventh convocation of the lower house of parliament. "Not it won't be simple to be enough for us. Iosif Davydovich in many respects personified also the State Duma. Because he personally formed her image and did a lot of things in order that the relation to the State Duma was positive. This is our companion" — Volodin has told. The speaker of the State Duma has noted that many know Kobzon on his creativity and have grown on his songs. A social and political part of the biography of the actor is less known, however, perhaps, is more important. According to Volodin, Kobzon represented in the lower house of parliament one of the most difficult regions of the country — Zabaykalsky Krai. At the same time he always tried to help the voters, lived their problems. "He helped all. I did a lot of things to help kids with the DPR and LPR. Despite danger, I came out to the homeland, I met people. I helped, than I could" — Volodin has told. The Chairman of the State Duma has also noted courageous character of Kobzon who always achieved those purposes which he for himself set. "In this day, mournful for us, when the great actor, the statesman, the person for whom pain of others was the pain has died, to us it is important that his memory lived further. Iosif Davydovich, we will make everything that your name was always with us" — Volodin has added. The people's artist of the USSR, the deputy of the State Duma Joseph Kobzon has died on the 81st year of life after a long illness. The actor will be buried in a Judaic part of the Vostryakovsky cemetery, near the mother. In more detail about Joseph Kobzon's biography read in the reference of RIA Novosti>>



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