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Klimkin has accused Russia of lack of supply of water from Ukraine to the Crimea ‍ - RIA Novosti, 9/14/2018

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin. Archival photo
MOSCOW, 14 Sep — RIA Novosti. The Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavel Klimkin has accused Russia that it has deprived the Crimea of water supply. About it the diplomat has written on the page on Facebook.© RIA Novosti / Alexander Polegenko Pereyti to an image bank In the Crimea called cynicism a condition of Kiev for water supply renewal "not Ukraine cut off the Crimea from water, it was made by Russia, by force having cut off the Crimea from Ukraine" — he has in absentia answered "The oppositional block". Earlier Klimkin has said that Kiev will never sign the contract for delivery of water on the peninsula which will have the Russian accessory. The Oppositional Block party has urged to stop "genocide which violates the rights of Crimeans" and to dismiss the minister. The Russian experts have commented on Klimkin's words. As the chairman of presidium of the International council of the organization of the Russian compatriots Vadim Kolesnichenko considers, Crimeans understand, who is responsible for the event. "To estimate from the point of view of common sense of action, acts and statements of the Ukrainian politicians senselessly" — he has said on air of radio Sputnik.© RIA Novosti / Taras Litvinenko Pereyti in an image bank the Crimean political scientist: the condition of Kiev for water supply to the Crimea – "clownery" according to him, water blockade was organized defiantly — Kiev has allocated money for construction of a dam that the North Crimean Canal has forever been dried up. "We accurately understand that the Crimea lives only thanks to the fact that we are in structure of the Russian Federation, thanks to material and technical support and all that does all Russian people for residents of the Crimea and for the Crimean peninsula" — Kolesnichenko has concluded. In turn, the deputy of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea Vladislav Ganzhara has said that actions of Ukraine can be regarded as attempt of the most real genocide. "If not those efforts which have been made by the Russian Federation for the solution of problems — both water supply, and power supply of the peninsula — action of Ukraine could lead to very serious consequences for the population of the Republic of Crimea" — he has told on air of radio Sputnik.© RIA Novosti / Yury Lashov Pereyti in an image bank the Crimean deputy has responded to "threats" of Kiev on deliveries водыПо to his words, Kiev made these decisions consciously. "That is, logic of actions of the present Kiev mode — it is absolute as at terrorists" — Ganzhara has added. According to the expert, the Kiev administration pursues policy of terror not only for the Crimea, but also, first of all, concerning the population of Ukraine. "Sooner or later sane people will come to the power in Ukraine, and there normal life will also get better" — he has concluded. © RIA Novosti / Konstantin Chalabov Pereyti in an image bank Kiev has rejected negotiations with Russia. About which he one and the govorilukraina provided up to 85 percent of needs of the Crimea for fresh water through the North Crimean Canal going from Dnieper. This water was used for watering about 140 thousand hectares of farmlands. After reunion of the Crimea with Russia water supply on the channel to the republic was completely stopped. The biggest



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