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Klimkin called a situation with outflow of the population "catastrophic" - RIA Novosti, 9/4/2018

MOSCOW, 4 Sep — RIA Novosti. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin called a situation with outflow of the population from the country "catastrophic". According to him, the country is annually left by about one million Ukrainians and the similar situation can remain in the nearest future. © RIA Novosti / Alexey Vitvitsky to Pass into Poroshenko's image bank again I have bragged of "value" of Ukrainian of passports air of ICTV TV channel he has noted that, according to the latest data, about one and a half million natives from Ukraine live in only one Poland. As the political scientist Vladimir Kireev considers, the authorities of Ukraine now not in forces to change this tendency for three reasons: disorganization of state machinery, criminalization of society and degradation of economy. "The management has no opportunity to resolve these issues. They have neither understanding, nor plans, nor strategy, nor, actually, even conditions" — he has said on air of radio Sputnik. In turn, the political scientist, the candidate of historical sciences, the research supervisor of the Center of ethnic and international researches Anton Bredikhin has said that Ukrainians "die out", and rates of this process grow. "We see in Ukraine a tendency on active labor migration, besides, rates of birth in Ukraine decrease" — he has said on air of radio Sputnik.© RIA Novosti / Alexey Vitvitsky to Pass into an image bank the Political scientist: the reason of outflow of the population from Ukraine at all not безвизПо to his words, most often only one child, besides, grows in the Ukrainian families number of stains, number of dysfunctional families. "And if the policy pursued by the modern Ukrainian authorities doesn't change and will be continued, then, I think, not in 200 years, and already through 50 it will be possible to say that it of Ukrainians as ethnos can not remain" — the expert has noted. According to Bredikhin, the most part of Ukrainians will be integrated into larger ethnic communities. "For Ukrainians, for example, it is favorable to be Hungarians, Romanians or Poles to obtain treasured citizenship of the EU. <…>. So the scenario "extinctions" of the country is realistic, shorter terms only for this purpose will be required" — he has concluded. In Ukraine natural losses of the population are observed in recent years. According to Public service of statistics, for 2017 the population of the country was reduced by 200 thousand people and has made 42,38 million. As the prime minister Vladimir Groysman has said, Ukrainians don't emigrate, and "just travel". Nevertheless, he admitted that he would like return of these citizens back to the country. In turn, the general of the Ukrainian army, the former chairman of SVR Nikolay Malomuzh has noted that leakage of able-bodied population increases in scales of the national tragedy. According to him, people leave due to the lack of prospects and free development of business in the country.



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