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Kiev has said that Ukraine "has punched a bottom" - RIA Novosti, 9/8/2018

Independence Square in Kiev
MOSCOW, 8 Sep — RIA Novosti. The former Minister of Transport and Communications of Ukraine Evgeny Chervonenko has estimated the words of the speaker of Rada Andriy Parubiy about Adolf Hitler's "contribution" to "development of democracy". © RIA Novosti / Alexey Vitvitsky to Pass into an image bank the Ukrainian ex-minister called the country "a toilet of Europe" Earlier Parubiy on air of one of channels called Hitler "the biggest democrat" and has urged not to forget about a role of the Fuhrer in "formation of democratic process" in the world. According to Chervonenko, similar statements say that the Ukrainian politicians "have punched a bottom" in hit in the international scandals discrediting reputation of the country. "Our country has punched a bottom long ago and has passed line of the international decencies on all scandals, a shame after which in any country there would be not only a moral condemnation which has entailed resignation, but also criminal prosecution" — the former official has said. The ex-minister has also assumed that present "impunity" of politicians follows from glorification of fascism in Ukraine, in particular, of activity of the Galichina division CC. Chervonenko criticizes the Ukrainian nationalism not for the first time. Earlier he accused radicals that they have set by the ears the country with the western and east partners because of what Ukraine has turned into "a rural toilet of Europe". After scandal Parubiy has tried to justify himself for the words and has told that he didn't eulogize Hitler on air, and "has condemned methods" to which the Nazi authorities resorted for manipulation with democratic procedures in the interests.© RIA Novosti / Nikolay Lazarenko to Pass into an image bank the Speaker of Rada has tried to justify himself for the statement for Adolf Gitleretem not less, the Oppositional Block fraction has demanded resignation of the speaker, and Rada's deputy and the For Life party leader Vadim Rabinovich has expressed the intentions to file a lawsuit against him. Members of the Galichina division CC were involved in punitive operations of Nazis and committed war crimes against civilians on the lands occupied by the Third Reich. The decision of the Nuremberg tribunal Galichina as part CC, has been recognized by the criminal organization. In Ukraine treat activity of a division ambiguously: one claim that members of the organization fought for independence, others consider them collaborators.



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