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Just Russia has urged the CEC to check work of the Ulyanovsk regional election committee - RIA Novosti, 9/20/2018

MOSCOW, 20 Sep — RIA Novosti. The leader of Just Russia Sergey Mironov has reported numerous violations on elections in the Ulyanovsk region, has urged the management of the CEC to send to the region the working group for assessment of activity of regional election committee and to make the decision on vote recount on elections to Legislative Assembly, the press service of party.© has told RIA Novosti / Vladimir to Fedorenko to Pass into an image bank Ryabukhin became senator from the Ulyanovsk region again" Elections in general have taken place on September 9 without serious abuses. But separate "centers" of violations in a number of regions after all were. Serious questions at us have arisen on a voting process and in general on work of regional electoral commission in the Ulyanovsk region", – Mironov's words in the message are cited. As the press service has reported, the regional office of party has appealed to regional court with a request to oblige regional electoral commission to carry out repeated counting of votes on elections of deputies of Legislative Assembly in connection with numerous violations. Besides, the Ulyanovsk Social Revolutionaries have suggested regional election commission to invite the working group of the CEC to the region, RIA Novosti / Ramil Sitdikov is said in the statement the candidate of United Russia Malyshev "began to Pass into an image bank with the Speaker of the Ulyanovsk Legislative Assembly We support requirements of our party fellows. I urge the management of Central Election Commission to send to the Ulyanovsk region the representatives for check of work of regional election committee and making decision on vote recount" — Mironov has told. The leader of Just Russia claims that in the election day activists fixed numerous violations: attempts of throws, transportation of voters, call-down with propaganda for a certain party. Mironov has noted that on a number of incidents investigation verifications are already conducted, on two sites results of vote are cancelled, however it, according to him, there isn't enough. © Vladimirov to Pass the RIA Novosti / Novel into an image bank of ER I have received the majority of mandates in Legislative Assembly Ulyanovsk oblastimiron also I have reminded that earlier the regional election committee has made a mistake in distribution of mandates in regional Legislative Assembly – to the representative of LDPR have included the mandate which intended to communists. "The error was corrected through court, but the precedent already forces to doubt competence of the commission" — the leader of Social Revolutionaries considers. Elections to Legislative Assembly of the Ulyanovsk region have taken place on September 9 in the uniform voting day on the mixed system. A half of deputies (18 people) has been elected according to lists, other half — on single-candidate districts. Places in new convocation were received by representatives of four parties: United Russia — 17 places, the CPRF — 14, LDPR — four, Communists of Russia — one. The Member of the Russian CEC Alexander Klyukin last week has reported that results of vote on elections are cancelled on September 9 on a number of polling precincts in five regions among which — the Ulyanovsk region.



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