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"It is necessary to believe in the children": the head of Rosobrnadzor has met parents - RIA Novosti, 9/14/2018

MOSCOW, 14 Sep ‒ RIA Novosti. The All-Russian meeting with parents with participation of the Head of the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science Sergey Kravtsov has taken place on Friday, September 14 in IIA Russia Today. During the action which was taking place for the fourth time answers to the questions concerning the organization and holding in 2019 the USE and GIA-9, the All-Russian Test Works (ARTW) and the National Researches of Quality of Education (NRQE) have been given. Live broadcasts from four regions.© of RIA Novosti the All-Russian meeting with parents with participation of the head Rosobrnadzoraglava of Rosobrnadzor have taken place, opening a meeting, has assured that no serious changes in holding the USE this academic year will exist: "examination has to take place most steadily, demoversions in all objects are already posted on the website of the Federal Institute of Pedagogical Measurements (FIPM)". Innovations-2019: The USE on a foreign language is (for choice) complemented with an opportunity to hand over Chinese, and GIA-9 will precede an oral interview now on Russian which successful passing will become for ninth-graders the admission to final examinations. "It not complication of examination in Russian, and an opportunity to estimate oral speech of the child", ‒ Sergey Kravtsov has calmed uneasy parents from Blagoveshchensk. He has also reminded that on a foreign language Unified State Exam will become obligatory since 2022 ‒ so far there is preparatory work for this innovation.© RIA Novosti / Alexander Natruskin Pereyti to an image bank the Head of Rosobrnadzor Sergey Kravtsov: the USE system will continue evolyutsionirovatblizhayshy plans: all pupils of 4-5-6 classes will hand over without fail VPR, on October 16-18 there will study the national research of quality of education on geography, and in April of the next year ‒ in physical culture. "We will look how our children master this subject", ‒ he has noted, having added that physical culture ‒ an important component in education of our children. Sergey Kravtsov has designated problem zones on which it is necessary to pay special attention. "First of all, substantial moment. For example, the analysis of results of the Unified State Examination in history has shown that the most difficult for children were tasks for work with the historical card. But such abilities are formed in the 5th class and if in the 5th class the school student hasn't mastered these abilities, then it is difficult to eliminate gaps", ‒ he has told, having emphasized that for this purpose and All-Russian Test Works are necessary, "differently gaps grow as a snowball".© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Epanchintsev Pereyti in an image bank Kravtsov has noted an objectivity problem at examination in the 9th a klasseanalogichny situation, according to him, with physics: "many participants were at a loss with the solution of tasks because of weak understanding of a mathematical apparatus and the simplest mathematical calculations. "Many difficulties go not from high school", ‒ the official summarized. At the same time I recognized that still in some regions of Russia biased results of VPR take place. "Some schools instead of identification of gaps, "draw" the five, rendering the school student



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