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Israel will check the F-35I fighters after the crash of F-35B in South Carolina - RIA Novosti, 11.10.2018

MOSCOW, 11 Oct — RIA Novosti. The Israeli Air Force will be checked by all F-35I fighters after the incident with the crash of F-35B in the State of South Carolina which happened in September RIA Novosti / Ulyana Solovyova is reported in the press release of the army press service.© to Pass into an image bank In Israel said that S-300 will not be able to mark F-35ranee was reported that at the end of September there was a crash of the latest fighter of the fifth generation of F-35B in the State of South Carolina that became the first for all family of the F-35 planes. With planes of F-35 family incidents occurred earlier, but any of them did not lead to such consequences. "The commander of the Israeli Air Force Amikam Norkin decided to take precautionary measures and to carry out tests by all F-35I planes in spite of the fact that an incident occurred at model which is not used by the Israeli Air Force and in spite of the fact that no malfunctions were found at the Israeli Air Force planes" — it is said in the statement. According to the press release, check will take several days then fighters will return to operational activity. Also in the document it is reported that after the crash in the State of South Carolina a technical inspection which results were also transferred to the Israeli Air Force was carried out. Results of check demonstrate that malfunction was found in a fuel-supply line of the AP Photo/Rick Bowmer "Out of harm's way" engine.©. The military expert December of last year the press service of the Israeli army reported about suspension of flights of F-35B that fighters of the fifth generation F-35 had training and were recognized as ready to fighting application by the Air Force of Israel. The Israeli Air Force appropriated to fighters the name "Adir" — "mighty" in translation from Hebrew. In 2014 at F-35 the engine at dispersal lit up, the car stopped on a runway. In 2016 there were two more ignitions: in September at F-35A on the earth and in October at F-35B in flight the engine lit up. In both cases the pilot could put the car. Besides, less considerable incidents as, for example, not revealed rack of the forward chassis in August of this year took place. The pilot successfully put the car on a nose.© Infographics Russia against NATO: whose weapon is stronger



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