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Investments into economy of the Vologda region this year will make 132 billion rubles - RIA Novosti, 9/3/2018

VOLOGDA/MOSCOW, 3 Sep — RIA Novosti. The volume of investment into fixed capital of the Vologda region in the current year will be about 132 billion rubles that honor at 1,2 billion rubles more than last year, the governor of the region Oleg Kuvshinnikov has reported to RIA Novosti. "The Vologda region during a number of years shows growth of investments into fixed capital. So, in 2015 — 87,1 billion rubles, in 2016 — 114,1 billion rubles. Following the results of 2017 the volume of investment into fixed capital was 130,8 billion rubles of investments. In 2018 the volume of investment is estimated at the level about 132 billion rubles" — Kuvshinnikov has told. According to him, it is expected that will be invested heavily in the processing productions, including metallurgical and chemical branches and also woodworking, food industry, mechanical engineering and also transportation and storage (pipeline transport), "traditional" for the region. © Flickr/Juan Antonio Capó On the Vologda region can create the logistic center for goods from Armeniiotvechaya on a question of what new investment projects will be realized in the region in the next three years, the head of the region has reported that the Severstal company has started implementation of the project on reconstruction of the blast furnace No. 5 which cost is about 30 billion rubles; the JSC Apatit company plans to start implementation of the project on building of new installation on production of sulfuric acid. The project has already undergone public discussions. Besides, in the territory of the industrial Cherepovets park implementation of the project on construction of the new modern plant on production of fibrolitovy plates with the volume of investment in more than 2,4 billion rubles rubles has begun. "In Vologda construction of new factory on production of children's mixes of the Swiss company "Nestlé" has begun. The total amount of investments into construction of the new enterprise will be about 1,8 billion rubles. The plywood plant "Sveza Novator" (is a part of the Sveza company) has started implementation of the investment program for construction of the hi-tech line in partnership with the Japanese company Hashimoto Denki. On the new technological line the bolsheformatny laminated plywood and other production with high value added will be produced" — Kuvshinnikov.© has told Fotolia/contrastwerkstatt On the Vologda region by the end of 2019 will produce 17 thousand tons of cheese in годОн has read one more large project — in the sphere of a lesoobrabotka — construction in Vokhtoge of the 120 thousand cubic meters plywood plant in year and increase in the operating capacities for production of plates of chipboard up to 300 thousand cubic meters a year (increase — on 25 thousand). Initiators of the project — Vologda Lumbermen group of companies and Cherepovets plywood and furniture plant. The volume of investment on two projects will be over 4 billion rubles. The governor has also noted that in pipeline transport the realization of projects of Gazprom group of companies is enabled. Still significant projects for рег



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