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Inhabitants of the Urals because of an earthquake more than 800 times called in the emergency services - RIA Novosti, 9/5/2018

CHELYABINSK, 5 Sep – RIA Novosti. The emergency services of Chelyabinsk region have registered more than 800 addresses from the locals concerned by seismic activity on Wednesday in the Area of Katav-Ivanovskoye, the minister of public safety of the region Evgeny Savchenko has reported. © AP Photo/Robert Sorbo In the Urals have recorded the second per day землетрясение‍По to data of regional GUMChS, in the municipal District of Katav-Ivanovskoye on Wednesday at 03:58 (01:58 Moscow time) the seismic activity at a depth of 10 kilometers is recorded. There are no destructions of buildings and constructions, there are no dead and injured. At 09:00 (07:00 Moscow time) in District Administration the meeting of the commission on emergency situations is held, heads of city settlements, heads of the social and municipal sphere have reported on a situation. To the area the governor of Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky has left. "According to Uniform dispatching service of Katav-Ivanovskoye, Ashinsky municipal districts, Ust-Katavsky GO, GUMChS of the region, service 112, at 16:00 (14:00 Moscow time) 815 addresses from citizens in connection with a seymoaktivnost have arrived" — Savchenko on the page has written to Facebook. Savchenko has specified that from this number of 485 addresses fall on residents of the municipal District of Katav-Ivanovskoye. Earlier Savchenko reported that for the Wednesday morning 627 calls.© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina Vlasenko have been registered to Pass into an image bank the Scientist has told what has provoked an earthquake on Uraleraney the authorities of the area were specified that gazo-and water supply after seismic activity in the area hasn't been broken, all critical infrastructure operates normally. Buildings and constructions aren't destroyed, but in six apartment houses of Katav-Ivanovsk cracks on partitions and ceilings are found. In Katav-Ivanovskoye industrial technical school there are also numerous cracks and falls of plaster. The enterprises operate normally, but there are insignificant damages at one of the plants. As reported the press center of GUMChS of Russia on the region, in the Head department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia in Chelyabinsk region work of operational staff is organized. In the Ust-Katavsky city district, Katav-Ivanovskoye and Ashinsk municipal districts 17 groups on check of integrity of socially important objects, infrastructure facilities and houses work. On places the staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, police, administrations, employees of power service, only 97 people and 23 pieces of equipment, including from the Ministry of Emergency Situations – 51 persons and 17 pieces of equipment are involved. At 17:00 (15:00 Moscow time) the meeting of the commission on emergency situations of Chelyabinsk region is planned.



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