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In Yerevan elections to city council - RIA Novosti, have begun 9/23/2018

YEREVAN, 23 Sep – RIA Novosti. Elections to the Council of Elders (city council) of Yerevan which has to elect in turn the mayor of the capital have begun to Pass on Sunday.© RIA Novosti / Sergey Guneev into an image bank Pashinyan has said that he in the relations of Russia and Armenia isn't present problemrovno at 07:00 Moscow time all 475 polling precincts have opened. Electoral lists have included 848,3 thousand people who should elect deputies of the City Council from 12 parties and blocks. According to the law on local government in Yerevan, the mayor of the capital is elected by the Council of Elders consisting of 65 members. If following the results of elections to the City Council one of parties receives more than 50% of places, then the candidate heading it the list is considered the elected mayor. If the candidate doesn't meet the qualifying standards, refuses a post or if any party doesn't receive more than 50% of places in the Council of Elders, the mayor is elected by a ballot of members of council. On a post of the city's mayor from the headed prime minister of Armenia Nicol Pashinyan of Civil Contract party will put forward the comedy actor Ike Marutyan. The party goes on elections in the My Step block.© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Belousov to Pass into an image bank Russia extradited the Hollywood producer to Armeniyupartiya "the Prospering Armenia" presented in parliament by the second-large parliamentary fraction "Tsarukyan" has proposed the candidate for the deputy Naira Zograbyan. "Light Armenia" and the "Republic" entering into parliamentary fraction "Elk" (Outcome) act as the Light block and have put forward on a post of the mayor Minister of Justice Artak Zeynalyan. Among other political forces which have filed documents for participation in elections — Reform party, parties "Naslediye", "Ayk" (Aykazun), "A democratic way", "Orinats еркир" (The country of legality), Dashnaktsutyun and "Erkir of a tsirana" (The country of an apricot) and also Yerevan Society and Erevantsa blocks. For election in the Council of Elders parties need to gain at least 6%, and to party blocks — 8%. In this case they go to the City Council, receive deputy mandates and create in the City Council party fraction.© RIA Novosti / Sergey Guneev to Pass into an image bank of the Relation with Armenia develop in all directions, Putinza a voting process has said specialists of the international expert center of electoral systems (ICES) and over 600 local observers from eight public organizations will watch. The former mayor of Yerevan Taron Margaryan has announced abdication on July 9 after the protest actions with the requirement of his resignation. Opponents of the city's mayor accused him of poor control. Besides, on the Internet the movie about a great fortune and Margaryan's real estate has been laid out.



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