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In Yekaterinburg have pronounced a sentence to the man who has stood up in a fight for the girl - RIA Novosti, 8/27/2018

YEKATERINBURG, 27 Aug – RIA Novosti. The Kirov district court of Yekaterinburg has sentenced by 300 o'clock obligatory works of Vladislav Ryabukhin accused of causing heavy harm to 19-year-old Sargiz Arutyunyan the regional prosecutor's office.© reports on Monday the Shot of video of the eyewitness of incident In St. Petersburg the guy has interceded for the unfamiliar girl and has received blow ножомИнцидент there was in the summer the 2017th in Yekaterinburg. As earlier Ryabukhin told RIA Novosti, he has come to take away from guests the friend's girl who has reported that to the apartment where she had a rest, there has arrived the crowd of unfamiliar guys and has begun to be too forward. There Ryabukhin has met four young people with whom he had had a conflict. A fight after which physicians diagnosed a fracture of bones of the arch of a skull for one of opponents Ryabukhin was started, he needed cranial trepanation. The young man claimed that he was only protected, his lawyer insisted to consider a situation of necessary self-defense. SK criminal case under article 111 of the Criminal code "Deliberate causing heavy harm to health" has been brought. "The version of the party of protection about action of the defendant wasn't confirmed by a condition of necessary defense … According to testimonies of the victim and the witnesses interrogated in court, Ryabukhin has struck blow while the victim has turned to the defendant the left side and has begun to talk to the friend. Therefore, no real threat to be afraid for the life and health was available for Ryabukhin", – it is said in the statement of prosecutor's office.© of the Photo: from the personal page of Amir Abumuslimov in VKontakte "Forecasts aren't given". In Moscow the fighter has sent the student to a coma to one ударомВ department have noted that the defendant was a participant of boxing tournaments and had special knowledge of technology of striking blows. Nevertheless, the court requalified actions of the young man from deliberate causing heavy harm to health on causing heavy harm to health on imprudence. "Court, having estimated the charges produced by the party the evidence, I have imposed to Vladislav Ryabukhin sentence in the form of obligatory works for the term of 300 hours", – the press service reports. In addition, the claim of the prosecutor for collecting from the defendant over 121 thousand rubles on account of compensation of costs of treatment of the obligatory medical insurance which was injured in favor of territorial fund is satisfied. Also he will have to pay 280 thousand as compensation of moral and material harm to the victim and also compensation of cost of services of the lawyer.



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